Quick Fuel Technology 30-816 Check Valve Kit User Manual

Quick Fuel Technology 30-816 Check Valve Kit User Manual

Check Valve Kit Part No. 30-816

1.Remove five lower housing plate screws

2.Remove lower housing gasket and retainer plate

3.Remove brass filter screen.

4.With a large flat blade (common tip) screwdriver, loosen the large retainer screw for the check valve. Note: this screw has an O-ring seal however it is usually pretty tight in the housing. You should take steps to brace the pump so it will not twist as you try to loosen the check valve retainer screw.

5.Once the screw has been loosened, remove it completely with the spring. You should be able to remove the check valve once the spring tension has been removed.

6.If the check valve is stuck, use a quality carburetor cleaner to cut the corrosion and/or debris preventing the valve from moving. Once you have used the carburetor cleaner and the valve is still stuck, use a small screwdriver to pry the valve off the seat and then remove the valve through the end of the housing.

7.Clean the valve seat with carburetor or brake cleaner to remove all corrosion, as well as the lower housing in general.

8.Install the new check valve. The check valve has a rubber composition seal on one end and a spring perch on the other end. Be sure to install the check valve correctly. The rubber composition seal end is inserted in to the housing so it will make contact with the brass seat in the housing.

9.Insert the spring. The spring will seat itself with the spring perch or post on the relief valve.

10.Change the O-Ring seal on the retainer screw, index the spring and thread the retainer screw into the housing and tighten adequately to prevent leakage.

11.Check valve operations with a small screwdriver to pop the relief valve off the seat a couple of times to ensure it is not sticking. If it sticks, disassemble and clean the passages and housing again to be certain the relief valve will operate freely.

12.Install the new brass screen provided, in the same position as the original.

13.Install the lower plate, new gasket provided and position the lower plate.

14.Start the five lower housing plate screws loosely to center the plate, then tighten cross sequentially to 60 inch lbs. ( 5 foot lbs.).

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