Quick Fuel Technology 30-811 Installation Instructions Rotor and Vane Kit User Manual

Quick Fuel Technology 30-811 Installation Instructions Rotor and Vane Kit User Manual

Installation Instructions Rotor and Vane Kit

Part No. 30-811

1.Remove the 5 lower housing plate screws.

2.Remove plate, lower housing gasket and then the circular end plate.

3.Carefully turn the pump upright keeping the lower housing close to the surface directly below. The rotor and vanes should fall out on to your workbench or table. If the above step is unsuccessful due to rust, corrosion or contaminants then it will be necessary to remove the rotor and vanes manually using a pair of pliers with

sufficiently small enough ends to fit inside the housing, yet grab the rotor. Usually all that is necessary is to break the rotor and vane assembly loose from the housing race. It is likely fused due to surface rust. Once it breaks loose from the surface fusion the whole assembly should come out fairly easy.

4.Once you have removed the rotor and vanes, remove the filter screen (note its position in the housing). Clean this screen with a suitable cleaner (the screen is brass) remove any accumulated debris and rust. Set aside for re-installation.

5.Before installing the new rotor and vanes, you should remove as much surface rust as possible from the end plates and inner race. Use a fine emery or crocus cloth to remove any rust or oxidization.

6.When step 6 is complete spray the entire inner housing with a suitable cleaner and dry with compressed air if available.

7.Install the previously cleaned inlet filter screen back in its original position.

8.Install the rotor. The rotor has a small plastic insert that has a slot. The end of the armature shaft is cut to fit into this slot. Position the rotor over the armature shaft, push on and rotate until you feel the flats engage the slot. The final rotor position fully seated should be within a couple thousands of the top plate. One final check is to place the circular end plate into the relief in the casting. Check to be certain it bottoms out in the relief. This will confirm the rotor is fully seated.

9.Insert the four vanes, lube inner housing with WD-40 or similar water displacing lubricant, install circular end plate, gasket and lower housing plate.

10.Torque the five screws to 60 inch pounds (5 foot pounds) in a criss-cross pattern.

11.Install fuel pump.

P/N 99-14

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