Powerware 5115 User Manual

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Powerware 5115

Uninterruptible Power System

500-1400 VA advanced power protection

Product Focus

for office servers


High performance protection

Software Suite bundled

ABM™, prolongs battery life by 50%

Hot-swappable user replaceable batteries

Australian output sockets eliminate messy adaptors

Standard USB and RS232 serial ports extend communication capacity


• ConnectUPS-E external Web/SNMP adaptor

Typical Applications

Small office servers

High-capacity PCs and workstations

Product Snapshot

Power Rating: 500-1400 VA


240 VAC


50 Hz

Configuration: Plug-and-play


Topology: Line-interactive

Designed to offer advanced power protection for office servers and other critical applications, Powerware 5115 protects your equipment against five of the nine most common power problems that can harm your equipment or result in corrupted data.

In offices a crucial part of the work is stored on servers and reliable shutdown software is needed to ensure that no data is lost even during longer power outages. With Powerware 5115 and LanSafe III protecting the server, business goes on while the UPS invisibly and automatically takes care that

no data is lost due to power problems. If a total outage threatens to exceed the system's backup time, LanSafe III software automatically shuts down the entire network in a predefined order.

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