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Blackwire C220



Welcome to the Plantronics family of headset products. Plantronics provides a wide range of products from mission-critical and business-critical applications to personal communications and entertainment. For additional information visit our web site at, where you can visit our 24/7 support, browse through our knowledge base, chat live or ask a question. We also feature a variety of installation tutorials to make set up quick and easy.

Please refer to the safety information found in the Quick Start Guide for important product safety information prior to installation or use of the product.

Table of Contents

Registering your product online


Technical assistance




Package contents






Powering on


Installing Plantronics software




Headset features


Using the headset




Media Manager






Registering Your Product Online

Visit to register your product online so that we can provide you with the best possible service and technical support.

Technical Assistance

Visit our web site at for technical support including frequently asked questions, compatibility and accessibility information. The Plantronics Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is also ready to assist you.

Package Contents

Blackwire C210

Blackwire C220


Mute/Unmute LED

Volume Up

Volume Down


We recommend that you install the Plantronics software. Though your headset will operate without it, the software is required in order to use the call answer/end function with your Unified Communications application from the inline control. Go to and click the Software Downloads tab. Follow the instructions to download and install the software.

WARNING Do not use headphones/headsets at high volumes for an extended period of time. Doing so can cause hearing loss. Always listen at moderate levels. See for more information on headsets and hearing.



Powering On

Powering on the Blackwire C210 and C220

The USB headset is automatically powered on when inserted into the USB port of the computer.

Installing Plantronics software

For the ability to remotely detect and answer/end a call from your softphone application via the headset call control button install Plantronics Unified Runtime Engine provided with the Plantronics product or download from a convenient web site.

1.If a Plantronics CD is provided, insert the CD and follow the installation instructions.

2.Or, you may download the latest version of this software from the page.

3.Your softphone may require you to choose which audio device you wish to use. Please refer to softphone documentation for details.

Configuration and status

The Plantronics Control Panel is included in a Typical Install option. Start the Plantronics Control Panel from the Windows Start Programs menu. The Plantronics Control Panel screen will let you view status, change device parameters, set preferences, etc.

Software Update Manager

All software for your Plantronics device can be remotely updated if and when updates are available. Start Plantronics Update Manager from Windows Start Programs menu to change settings such as automatic or manual check for updates.

Headset Features



Headset Cord



Adjustable Headband

Ear Cushion




2. Adjust the Headband

2.1Lengthen or shorten the band until it fits comfortably. The foam cushions should sit comfortably over the centre of your ears.






3. Adjust the Boom and Microphone

3.1Rotate the boom so it is aligned with your mouth.

3.2Shorten or lengthen the microphone so it is approximately two finger widths from the corner of your mouth.

Using Your Headset

Answering/Ending/Making Calls with Plantronics Software on Softphone

To make a call, simply dial the number via your softphone application. To answer or end a call, press the answer/end button.

For softphones not compatible with Plantronics software Check the Plantronics softphone compatibility list at for the most current information.

If your softphone is not currently supported by Plantronics software, remote detection and answer/end via the headset does not function. Pressing the call control button on the headset will not function; you must answer the call from the softphone.

Adjusting Volume

To increase listening volume, press the volume up (+) button. To decrease listening volume, press the volume down (–) button.

To adjust the listen or speak volume of the softphone, please refer to the softphone user documentation.

To adjust the speak volume of the audio device on the computer, use the Sound and Audio Device section on the Control Panel.

Muting a Call

During a call, briefly press the mute button to mute the microphone. When muted, the Mute LED will be lit.

To unmute press the button again.

Media Manager

Plantronics software provides user selectable options to manage the output to your headset from supported media players when a call comes in and when it ends. The Media Player feature is in the Preferences tab of the Plantronics Control Panel. Select

Start Menu>Programs>Plantronics>Plantronics Control Panel.





I cannot hear caller.

Callers cannot hear me.

Sound in headset is distorted. I can hear echo in headset.

The other headset I was using to listen to music does not work any more.

My headset stops responding to button presses.

My headset does not work with the headset I am using on my PC. (I cannot answer or disconnect from the headset call button).


The USB headset is not set as the default audio device. Use the Audio settings

in Windows under Sounds and Audio Devices to select “Blackwire C210/ C220” as the audio device.

Listening volume is too low. Press the volume up button on the headset.

Headset is muted. Press the mute button on headset to unmute the microphone.

Headset microphone boom aligned incorrectly. Align the headset boom with your mouth.

The USB headset is not set as the default Voice device. Use the Voice settings in Windows under Sounds and Audio Devices to select “Blackwire C210/C220” as the voice device.

Lower the listen volume on your softphone until the distortion disappears.

Adjust volume on headset.

The USB headset will set itself as the default audio device in Windows. Use the Audio settings in Windows under Sounds and Audio Devices to change the device used for audio.

When a PC goes into standby or hibernation, the USB headset no longer is powered on. Be sure your PC is in an active state.

Check compatibility list on to ensure your softphone is compatible for remote answer and disconnect.

When a PC goes into standby or hibernation, the USB headset is no longer powered on. Be sure your PC is in an active state.

Be sure Plantronics software is installed and running.


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