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Quick start guide




This guide is intended to guide you through the basic functions of this unit.

For details, please refer to the Operation manual stored on the CD-ROM.

Furthermore, manuals are available on the website.

: Press



: Press and hold

Push in the direction of the arrow


: Rotate

Basic operation

Power on

Power off

Select a source

Sources can be selected in the following order:

XM Sirius Tuner TV DVD Built-in CD player

MCD iPod USB External unit 1 External unit 2

AUX 1 AUX 2 BT Audio BT Telephone

Source name : Built-in source

Volume adjust

Tuner operation

Select a band

Select a frequency

Select a preset frequency

Select a preset channel

1 Display the preset list

2Change a channel

3 Select a channel

Store the strongest broadcast frequencies

1 Display the function menu

2Select BSM

3 Turn BSM on

Bulit-in CD and USB operation

Display the text information

Select a track

Select a folder

Select a song from list

1 Display the list

2 Select a song

Play a selected song

(If folder is selected, see lower tier.)

Play all songs in a selected folder

Return to higher tier

iPod® operation

Display the text information

Select a track (chapter)

Select a song from list

1 Display the list

2 Change the category

Select a category

Shuffle all tracks

Play all songs in a selected category

Return to the previous category

<KOKZX> <07K00000> <CRB2610-A/N> UC

What’s what




1SRC/OFF button

This unit is turned on by selecting a source. Press to cycle through all the available sources.


Press to select different displays. Press and hold to scroll the text information.


Move to perform various operations. Turn to increase or decrease the volume.

4S.Rtrv/SAT MODE button

Press to turn Sound Retriever function on or off. When XM tuner or SIRIUS tuner is selected as the source, press to change the channel select mode.

5RESET button

Press to reset the microprocessor.

6/OPEN button

Press to eject a CD from your built-in CD player. Press and hold to open or close the front panel.



















7LIST button

Press to display the disc title list, track title list, folder title list, file list or preset channel list depending on the source.


Press to change to the clock display. Press and hold to turn the display indication and button illumination off or on.

9SW/BASS button

Press to switch to subwoofer setting menu. When operating subwoofer menu, press to switch setting. Press and hold to switch to bass boost menu.

a RDM/ /iPod button

Press to turn random function on or off while using CD or USB. While using iPod, press this button to shuffle all tracks. Press and hold to change the control mode of iPod while using an iPod connected USB connector of this unit.

bBAND/ESC button

Press to select radio band. Press to return to the ordinary display when operating menu.

c+/– (VOLUME) button

Press to increase or decrease volume.

dFUNC button

Press to select functions.

eThumb pad

Move to perform manual seek tuning, fast forward, reverse and track search controls. Also used for controlling functions. Functions are the same as MULTI-CONTROL except for volume control.

fDIRECT button

Press to directly select the desired track.

gCLEAR button

Press to cancel the input number when 0 to 9 are used.

h0 to 9 buttons

Press to directly select the desired track, preset tuning or disc.

iPGM button

Press to operate the preprogrammed functions for each source.

j(MUTE) button

Press to turn off the sound. To turn on the sound, press again.

kENT button

Press to change to the entertainment display.

lAUDIO button

Press to select various sound quality controls.