Peerless MOD-P200-B Datasheet

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Peerless MOD-P200-B Datasheet


Extension Poles


For Modular Series Flat Panel Display and Projector Mounts




The Peerless-AV Modular Mounts Line features a full range of products that can fulfill multiple



requirements from a limited number of SKUs. With the universality of the components, configure


your own perfect custom flat-panel display or projector mounting solution for any application.


The Modular Mount Line was developed with the professional AV installer in mind. Designed


around a 2" (50mm) diameter pole, the line is ideal for new projects as well as for upgrading


existing installations.


The MOD-P100/150/200/250 Extension Poles are designed for use with the Peerless-AV Modular


Series Mounts. They offer perfect solution for tailoring each unique installation with custom


cut-to-length poles.


2" (50mm) diameter pole

Cuttable to desired length

Black or polished chrome


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