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Thank you for choosing the Studiophile AV 20 professional desktop multimedia audio monitors. Top recording engineers and producers in studios around the world use M-Audio

monitors. Now, with the Studiophile AV 20 monitors, you can enjoy the same professional standard of audio quality right on your desktop.

The Studiophile AV 20 has been designed and tested by veteran audio engineers to meet your needs in a desktop audio monitoring environment. Custom-tuned cabinets, optimized speaker design, and advanced crossover technology deliver the best sound you can get in monitors this size. Complete with magnetic shielding for desktop use, Studiophile AV 20 delivers great audio experiences from your music and multimedia applications. The Studiophile AV 20 monitor is selfpowered, directly accepting a line-level signal from a variety of sources.




What’s in the Box?


Your Studiophile AV 20 box contains:

<Two Studiophile AV 20 speakers (Left and Right)

Left: built-in amp and power supply; volume control; main RCA stereo input, and right channel signal output on the back

Right: audio connection from left speaker on back

<One 1/8” stereo mini-to-RCA audio cable for use with the main inputs

<2-conductor standard (keyed) power cable

<Tinned bare wire audio cable to send right channel audio to the right speaker (transparent color)

<Acoustic/traction pads for speakers

<Owner’s manual



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Studiophile AV 20 Features









The woofer unit is 2” in diameter and is magnetically shielded to protect your computer video monitor from interference. It includes a high-temperature voice coil and 2” polypropylene treated paper cone. The woofer delivers balanced midand low-frequency response.


By employing a specially developed 1” Mylar diaphragm with protective magnetic shielding, the tweeter can deliver an extremely natural response. It minimizes resonance by adapting a unique internal damping technology.

3.Bass Reflex Port

The hole in the rear panel is a bass reflex port. It is designed to discharge very low frequency signals and enhance the overall bass response.


Along with the other components, the Studiophile AV 20’s enclosure plays an important role. In order to provide more stable performance, we used a special mediumdensity fiberboard (MDF) and unique interior reinforcement designed to absorb vibration and impact generated under extreme conditions. Additionally, our innovative speaker monitor cabinet includes carefully placed acoustic material that makes the Studiophile AV 20 sound much bigger than it is—resulting in a smooth, natural bass response.

5.Network & Power Amplifiers

The power amplifiers and crossover network, for the Studiophile AV 20 are specially designed for this woofer and tweeter. The network distributes low-, mid-, and high-frequency audio signals

to the proper components in order to minimize distortion and to achieve a balanced sound.

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