Marantz CD7300 User Manual

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CD7300 CD player


The CD7300 is developed to provide excellent music reproduction and a wide range of





functionality. The new CD transport mechanism enables CD and CD-R/RW, even non





finalised discs, and MP-3 music files playability. The D/A converter from Cirrus-Logic ensures





accuracy of the audio signal while Marantz's Hi-Fi technologies, for example a super fast





HDAM and enforced chassis, turn it into true music. Quick Replay and Pitch Control





functions provide convenience features to participate into the music more actively.























































































































CS4396 D/A Converter

Incredibly accurate D/A conversion resulting ultra low-noise


music reproduction


High slew rate and superb dynamics characterise the unique


Marantz HDAM output stages


Offering additional text information like artist name, album


title and track name

Quick Replay

Move back to the desired passage with one touch operation


Not completely recorded CD-R/RW don't need to be

Un-finalised CD-R/RW playback

finalised to enable playback


Allows MP3 playback of over 10 hours of compressed audio

MP-3 playback

on a normal CD format

Technological glossary:

Build to perform

With the newly employed CD transport and digital-to-analogue converter, the CD7300 will even satisfy the demanding audiophiles. Designed to offer musical enjoyment, this player will never disappoint in it's reproduction of pure audio.

CS4396 D/A Converter

In stereo playback the CS4396 has equal performance with its big brother CS4397, the Super DAC, from Cirrus Logic. The device includes a digital interpolation filter followed by a oversampled multi-bit Delta Sigma modulator which drives Dynamic-Element-Matching (DEM) selection logic.

This multi-bit architecture features significantly lower out-of- band noise and jitter sensitivity than traditional 1-bit designs and the advanced DEM guarantees low noise and distortion at all signal levels.

VAM 1201 mechanism

The well appreciated CD transport mechanism has got advanced capabilities. The VAM1201 is a proven CD transport mechanism and has been used in many Marantz's CD players. It's stability and quality are highly appreciated. Now this mechanism has been renewed with the extra functionality to playback non finalised CD-R and CD-RWs. It's not necessary anymore to make a recording plan beforehand. Just record as you like, and finalise it when you are satisfied or the disc is full.


Audio devices are usually equipped with Op-Amps (operational amplifiers) for which Integrated Circuit (IC) are commonly used. Unfortunately these IC's do not match the very high

requirements of Marantz. Marantz developed it's own discrete circuit boards to replace the IC's. These HDAM's consists of discrete surface mount components with short mirror image L/R signal paths. These devices are

doing exactly the same thing as the Op-Amps, but outperform the regular IC Op-amps dramatically in terms of the Slew Rate, resulting in a much more dynamic, accurate and detailed sound.


Text information is added to most of todays normal audio CD's. To be able to read this information, the CD-player must be equipped with CD-text functionality. Most of the latest generation Marantz CD-players are fully ready to process this information and to display the text on the new dot-matrix display. With this feature information about the performer and the album can be read on the display of the CD-player.

Quick Replay

With just a single push on the remote control unit, the CD7300 moves back 10 seconds and plays that passage once again.

You will find this function useful to play your favourite part as often as you like.

Pitch Control

Pitch control enables to increase/decrease playback speed by 15 steps. This feature is extremely usefull to practice with a musical instrument, or to sing along with the track.

MP3 playback

Compressed audio is becoming more popular every day. Logical if you consider that 10 hours of music easily will fit on a single CD when the music is compressed using MP-3 technology.

The Marantz CD7300 is able to playback such encoded discs, giving you many hours of musical pleasure and fine sound quality.


To optimise equipment in terms of ease of use, Marantz has designed the D.Bus system. Individual devices inform each other, in order to automatically tune to the customers demands. At the same time received remote control commands are communicated via this bus. This enables equipment without IR-receiver, like a cassette deck or tuner, to be controlled via a Marantz Remote control.

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