Intel Express Hub User Manual

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Intel Express Hubs

A family of Fast

Ethernet hubs for

optimizing network


Intel Express 10/100 Stackable Hub, 12-port

Intel Express 10/100 Stackable Hub, 24-port

Intel Express 10/100 Stackable Hub Modules

Intel Express Standalone Hub, 8-port

Intel Express Hubs offer a flexible transition to Fast Ethernet performance for any size network.

Intel Express Hubs are a family of Ethernet and Fast Ethernet products designed to increase your network response time. They help you move toward Fast Ethernet performance in a gradual, cost-effective transition, realizing performance gains in key network segments as you go.

A Flexible Transition for Large Networks

For larger companies and networks, Express 10/100 Stackable Hubs give you the built-in flexibility of 10 or 100Mbps operation in a shared hub. You define the terms of your transition to Fast Ethernet by configuring the hub to operate at either 10Mbps or 100Mbps. This flexibility allows you to deploy 100Mbps when and where it is needed, while still running 10Mbps to some desktops.

With an entry price of under $100 per port (U.S. suggested retail price), Express 10/100 Stackable Hubs are not only affordable, they allow you to protect your product investment by extending the hubs’ lifespan through the transition from 10Mbps to 100Mbps. There’s no need to buy a 10Mbps hub now and a 100Mbps hub later. And you save more than just hardware costs, since you won’t have to worry about reinstallation or network redesign.

An Economical Solution for Small Companies and Workgroups

For small companies and workgroups that have historically used shared or switched 10Mbps solutions, the Express Standalone Hub is an economical Fast Ethernet solution that provides a tenfold increase in network performance over standard Ethernet solutions. With this simple- to-install, high-performance, 8-port hub, you can quickly deploy Fast Ethernet connections where the extra bandwidth is most needed.

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