Image IMGE-5 User Manual

Image IMGE-5 User Manual


Imãge In-wall

Speaker Systems

Technical Guide





Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for purchasing this Imãge In-wall speaker system that is designed to satisfy your audiophile needs for music enjoyment. The Imãge is conceived to reproduce “true to life” music, as it was originally recorded, without tampering or coloration.

The Imãge 2-way in-wall speaker system delivers unmatched performance, its ability to reproduce the full range of music with no strain or distortion earns it high marks in multitasking. Its smooth reproduction of music with no overhang is the product of an elaborate signal processing network; so precise, it allows for seamless wound transition. The Imãge speaker syste, is designed to channel the impact of special effects onto viewers; in crystal-clear, subtle fashion that makes listeners become part of the scene.

The Imãge speakers gently lend themselves to the interior of any home, they bring the excitement and the drama of crisp clean music to your kitchen, bedroom and every other room. They are also great for rear channel surround sound application, or for a remote location. The Earthquake Imãge drivers are equipped with TURN’N’LOCK™ mechanism for easy installation.

Earthquake Sound Corporation is a subsidiary of the Hohmann International group - manufacturer of fine mobile and home audio products. Earthquake was founded in 1985 by Joseph Sahyoun - a brilliant engineer and a leader in developing new technologies. Earthquake is an Engineering driven company, recognized by CEMA - Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Associaton - as a leader in “design & engineering” of mobile and home audio products.

In summarizing our company story, one work pops up: Value. But, it does not stop there... Performance, Advanced Technology and the Highest Quality best describe the Earthquake speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and a variety of Earthquake audio products.

From our home to your home....

Thank you.



«Fiber impregnated Kevlar type weave woofer, with 1.5” high temperature voice coil.

«One inch (1”) Titanium dome swivel tweeter with Neodymium magnet.

«Elaborate filters networks:

ØHigh pass 18dB/Oct. @ 1kHz

ØLow pass 18dB/Oct. @ 1kHz

«Switched +/-3dB tweeter level adjustment.

«Switched +/-3dB woofer level adjustment.

«Corrective ON-AXIS tweeter positioning for better staging and imaging.

«Easy to use TURN’N’Lock™ installation mechanism.


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