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Getting Started

Model ES750



Congratulations on your new appliance! This card will help you do the following:


Configure Basic Settings


Connect the Cables

d Connect to 3

Run the Terminal Em


the Appliance


Run the Proventia Setup Wizard


Configure the Proventia Manager


Start SiteProtector



ES750 – Appliance Reference Guide


Interface Status Indicator Lights


Serial Console Port


Green (Blinking): Network Activity


Scan Port


Green: Link Detected



Connects to an external network





Power Indicator Light


Management Port


Power Button






USB Ports



Getting Started

This card provides connection and initial configuration information for the IBM Proventia® Network Enterprise Scanner Model ES750 appliance. You will find more advanced configuration information in the IBM Proventia Network Enterprise Scanner User Guide available on the Web at

1 Configure Basic Settings

A.Gather Materials

IBM Proventia Network Enterprise Scanner with appropriate updates (consult product ReadMe file)

A laptop computer (or mobile desktop)

A terminal emulator installed on your laptop (for example, HyperTerminal included with Windows)

A serial cable (RJ45 to DB9) included in box

One power cord

IBM Proventia® Management SiteProtectorServer 2.0 SP6 with appropriate updates (consult product ReadMe file)

B.Consult your networking team for the following:

Appliance hostname ___________________

Static IP address for the Management port ___________________

(Use to browse to the appliance and for communications with SiteProtector.)

Static IP address for the Scan port ___________________

Your DNS search path ___________________

DNS server names ___________________

IP address of your Default Gateway Management port ___________________

Scan port ___________________

Administrative username and password that is used to manage SiteProtector

Username ___________________

Password ___________________

Name, IP address and credentials of the Agent Manager (a component of SiteProtector) with which Enterprise Scanner is to communicate

Name ___________________

IP address of the Agent Manager ___________________

Any credentials for the Agent Manager ___________________

Time zone for the location where the appliance will be installed


Root Username = root

Root password = admin

Defining root – This username and password is used to log into the Linux kernel of the appliance.

(Most users will never do this.)

Administrative Username = Admin and Password = Admin

The administrative user is the log in credentials for the Proventia setup wizard

Proventia Manager Username = ___________________ Password= ___________________

2 Connect the Cables

A.Connect power cord.

B.Connect the Management Port (static IP) to your network by means of a router/switch.

C.Make sure you can access an operational Proventia Management SiteProtector system, and that your system is at the latest SiteProtector Database Service Pack Release.

D.Connect the laptop to the same network as the appliance using the Ethernet adaptor on the laptop and a standard Ethernet cable.

E.Connect the laptop Serial Port/com 1 to the RJ45 serial port on the appliance using the cable provided within the box.

F.Connect Scan Port to the network to be scanned.

3 Run the Terminal Emulator and Connect to the Appliance

A.Start the terminal emulator (VT100).

B.Set the following:

Communications Port = Com 1 or the appropriate cable connection port

Communications baud rate = 9600

Data bits = 8

Parity = “none”

Stop bits = 1

Flow control = hardware

Quick Tip: Use your arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate up/down/left/right within the emulator. Use the space bar to select/deselect.

4 Run the Proventia Setup Wizard

A.Follow the onscreen instructions for configuring the appliance. Keep in mind the following steps.

B.To login to the Setup Wizard, use the following: Username: admin; Default Password: admin

C.The management interface (eth0) will be the IP address you will use to browse to the appliance from your laptop in future steps.

D.The management interface is also the IP address that SiteProtector will use to connect to the appliance.

Quick Tip: Enter keystrokes slowly for the time zone as the Wizard caches keystrokes.

Continued on reverse >


5 Configure the Proventia Manager (Local Management Interface or LMI)

The Proventia Manager allows you to make simple configuration changes to the appliance, while SiteProtector is the management interface for all other functionality (they are separate systems).

A. From the Configuration laptop or PC, browse to the IP address you entered for the management interface: https://management_interface_IP/

(Note: If your browser is using a proxy, be sure to add an exception for this IP address, because it is probably not registered with the proxy server.)

Log on using the Proventia Manager credentials you entered in Step 4, and then run the Proventia Setup Wizard.

If prompted, download the appropriate JRE (Java Runtime Environment) for the Proventia Manager.

Obtain a license for your appliance. In the left-hand menu navigate to Licensing, and then click on the ACQUIRE LICENSE button in the center screen. The appliance automatically acquires the license.

B. Connect the appliance to SiteProtector.

Navigate in the left-hand menu to System/Management/Registration.

Click the checkbox “Register with SiteProtector”.

Enter the desired SiteProtector group to which the Proventia Network Scanner is to report.

(Note: Groups not already existing in SiteProtector will be created automatically.)

Enter the appropriate Agent Manager name, IP address for the SiteProtector system and credentials (if any).

(Note: The IP address may be the same as the SiteProtector IP address if the Agent Manager and SiteProtector are installed on the same computer.) This will be used to broker commands from SiteProtector to Proventia Network Scanner.

C. Save your changes.

You should be automatically prompted to enter authentication credentials for SiteProtector. If not, navigate in the left hand menu to System/Management/Authentication.

Enter the SiteProtector administrative username (make sure you are using the SiteProtector administrative username and NOT the appliance username) and password to ensure encrypted communications. This may be obtained from your SiteProtector administrator.

(Note: The system is not fully registered until the Authentication page shows its status as Authenticated.)

6 Start SiteProtector

A. Login to SiteProtector using credentials provided by the SiteProtector administrator.

(Note: This will require you to install the SiteProtector console as well.)

B. The Enterprise Scanner will appear in the group you configured in Step 5, configure the Proventia Manager LMI. C. Consult the SiteProtector documentation or the IBM Proventia® Network Enterprise Scanner User Guide for more

information about Proventia Network Enterprise Scanner operations.

Need Help or Documentation?


The User Guide and other deployment information for IBM Proventia Network Enterprise Scanner is available at our product documentation Web site:

Or Call: 1-888-447-4861

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