Fisher & Paykel MR850 User Manual

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Fisher & Paykel MR850 User Manual



140 mm x 173 mm x 135 mm (without chamber fitted)


2.8 kg (no chamber fitted), 3.1 kg (chamber fitted and filled with water)

Supply Frequency:

50/60 Hz

Supply Voltage:

115 V~

Supply Current: 2.0 A max at 115 V~

Heater Plate:

150 W

Heater Wire:

22 V~, 2.73 A, 60 W, 50/60 Hz

Heater Plate Over-temperature Cutout: 118 ± 6 °C



Temperature Control Settings




Invasive Mode:

Chamber outlet: 35.5 - 37 °C, Airway 35 - 40 °C

Noninvasive Mode:

Chamber outlet: 31 °C, Airway 28 - 34 °C


Three digit 14 mm 7 segment LED



10 - 70 °C, Accuracy: ± 0.3 °C (in 25 - 45 °C temperature range)

Alarm Parameters

High Humidity Alarm: An immediate, audible alarm at a displayed temperature of 41 °C or if the airway temperature exceeds 43 °C

Low Humidity Alarm: An audible alarm between 10 minutes @ 29.5 °C, and 60 minutes @ 34.5 °C (Invasive Mode only)

Sound Pressure Level: Alarms exceed 50 dBA @ 1 m


Recommended ambient temperature range: 18 - 26 °C

CAUTION: If operating in ambient temperatures outside the recommended range, consult your local Fisher & Paykel Healthcare representative.

Recommended Flow Range: Invasive Mode: up to 60 L/min, Noninvasive Mode: up to 120 L/min



Refer to breathing circuit specifications for minimum flow

Humidity Performance:

Invasive Mode: > 33 mg/L, Noninvasive Mode: >10 mg/L

Maximum Operating Pressure: Refer to chamber and breathing circuit specifications

Warm-up time:

Less than 30 minutes



Symbol Definitions



















Type BF





Respiratory Humidifier Classified by





Hot surfaces

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. with respect to






may exceed

electric shock, fire and mechanical hazards






85 °C

only in accordance with UL 60601-1 and







CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1 84DJ


Ensure that invasive mode is set for patients that have bypassed airways.

The use of breathing circuits, chambers or other accessories which are not approved by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare may impair performance or compromise safety.

Ensure that both temperature probe sensors are correctly and securely fitted. Failure to do so may result in temperatures in excess of 41 °C being delivered to the patient.

Ensure maintenance of grounding integrity by connection to a "hospital grade" receptacle. Always disconnect supply before servicing.

When mounting a humidifier adjacent to a patient ensure that the humidifier is always positioned lower than the patient.

The operation of high frequency surgical apparatus, shortwave or microwave equipment in the vicinity of the humidifier may adversely affect its function. If this occurs, the humidifier should be removed from the vicinity of such devices.

Do not touch the glass tip of the chamber temperature probe during use. Keep black connectors dry at all times.

Visually inspect accessories for damage before use.

CLEANING MR850 Heaterbase Using a damp cloth, clean the humidifier with either of the following: Isopropyl Alcohol, normal dishwashing detergent. Temperature Probe Always clean before use. Probes can be cleaned with one of the following solutions: SporicidinTM, CidexTM OPA, SporoxTM OR sterilize the probe using Ethylene Oxide sterilization at 55 °C (131 °F), 80 kPa, (allow at least 15 hours for residual ETO to disperse before use). Wipe the airway temperature probes clear of any cleaning residues before use. Store probes in clean conditions. DO NOT autoclave probes.

CAUTION: DO NOT immerse the heaterbase or temperature probe electrical connections in any liquid.

NOTE: Follow the cleaning agent manufacturers’ instructions carefully. It is the user’s responsibility to qualify any deviations from these procedures, both for disinfecting efficacy and physical effect on the probe and the heaterbase. See the MR850 technical manual for more detailed instructions on cleaning.


Patents Pending in Principal Countries

of the World

The MR850 respiratory humidifier is used to warm and humidify gases delivered to patients requiring mechanical ventilation, positive pressure breathing assistance, or other medical gases.



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Rev G 2004-02

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