Elation Professional Power Spot 700 CMY II User Manual

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Power Spot 700 CMY II







9.5” (241mm)







5.2” (132mm)











5.66” (144mm)




Power Spot 700 CMY II Dimensions

The Power Spot 700 CMY II by Elation Professional is a 700W CMY color mixing moving head hybrid (spot or wash in one) with use of the variable frost effect. Featuring CMY color system plus a fixed color wheel with 8 static colors as well as variable CTO, two gobo wheels with 9 fixed and 7 rotating gobos featuring the new Quick Snap™ rotating gobo and animation wheel system. The animation wheel can simulate effects such as running water, fire, clouds, etc. Additional effects include rotating 3-facet prism, Iris, mechanical dimmer /

shutter system. This unit includes a motorized variable zoom beam angle from 14° to 32° and is equipped with unique modular internal construction allowing for easy access to key components. Control data input is via 3 pin or 5 pin DMX data connections first in and out cables. The unit’s lamp fuse housing holds a 250v/10A GMA fuse (120v operation). The Power Spot 700 CMY II is equipped with the Philips MSR700 SA/2 Gold lamp and is IP20 rated, designed for indoor applications only and and features a multi-voltage electronic ballast and power supply. Rigging for this unit includes 2 x 1/4 turn omega brackets. Additional gobos and animation wheels are supplied.


700W short arch discharge lamp moving head hybrid

Full Color mixing with Cyan Magenta Yellow flag system

+8 dichroic filters plus white

2 gobo wheels with 9 fixed and 7 rotating and interchangeable

1 variable speed replaceable rotating animation wheel

4 extra animation wheels included

8 optional animation wheels available

Variable frost control hard edge to soft edge

3-facet rotating/Indexing Prism

Sound active mode - built in mic. lamp on/off

power con mains

Motor driven focus from near to far

Maximum PAN-movement 540° 16-bit resolution

TILT-movement 280° 16-bit resolution

4 digit L.E.D. display

On board menu settings

DMX control via 24 channels

Modular design allows easy access to key components


DMX Channels: 24 DMX Channels, RDMX - Remote DMX Addressing

Control: USITT DMX-512 (16-bit resolution), 3-pin and 5-Pin XLR serial input/output

Dimmer: Dual Flag mechanical dimming system

Strobe: Variable speed strobe effect (1-10) flashes per second

IP Rating: IP 20

Iris: Beam narrow to wide (4% - 100%)

Zoom: 14° - 32° linear zoom

Power Supply: AC 90-260V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: 900W

Fuse: Electronic ballast

Lamp: Phillips MSR 700 SADE/2

Lamp life: 700W, 72V, 7500°K, 1000 HRS

Dimensions: ( L x W x H ) 19” x 14” x 29” / 482.6 x 355.6 x 736.6 mm

Weight: 63 lbs. / 28.5 kg

Rigging: 2 x 1/4 Turn omega brackets

4 x M-10 threaded holes for clamps

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