Dual LUR66E User Manual

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2-Way Outdoor Rock Speaker



Congratulations on your purchase of the LUR66E rock speaker. A high level of design experience and engineering went into its creation. With the rugged look of weathered sandstone, the LUR66E 2-way rock speaker is extremely versatile and are perfect when placed in areas ranging from indoor use like terrariums and interior gardens to back yards, patios and pool or spa settings.

The LUR66E's weather resistant design is made possible by using the most durable components including a fiber-reinforced poly resin composite enclosure. This allows it to resist rain, hail, sleet, coastal environments and snow, but still appear natural and inconspicuous. You will find that the materials used in the LUR66E are also superior in resisting sun fade and water marks. It was specifically designed to look and sound great for seasons to come.


Although the LUR66E speaker is designed to resist weather and withstand unfriendly environmental conditions, there are precautions you should take to optimize the long-term life and performance. Keep soil, debris and wood chips from covering the speaker grille. If debris accumulates on the grille, it can easily be rinsed away with a garden hose using low water pressure. Do not spray water directly into the face of the grille. Avoid placing the speakers where the grille area will come in direct contact with sprinklers. If you desire to rinse the speaker surface, then direct the spray of water at a 45 degree angle away from the grille, again using low water pressure.

Yard chemicals constitute another element that can prematurely shorten the speaker’s life. Fertilizers, weed control sprays and many other chemicals commonly used in the yard can potentially cause damage to the rubber and speaker components.



Sound Coverage and Speaker Placement

The LUR66E is sold separately, as many outdoor installations have multiple zones. It is assumed for the purpose of this manual that the rock speaker will be installed using a minimum of two speakers. When deciding on the placement, allow for a total coverage area of approximately 100 to 450 sq.ft. per pair of rock speakers. This estimate is based on the ambient noise levels of a typical outside patio or yard and your personal listening level. If you are using your speakers in a high noise area where your sound coverage requirement is influenced by high automobile traffic noise or located in close proximity to a heavily industrialized urban area, or If you desire music over a physically large area, it is best to have a larger number of speakers playing at low volumes, rather than a few speakers playing at high volumes. Multiple pairs of speakers placed in strategic locations within your coverage area can be a fundamental solution when designing an outdoor system that requires large coverage.

Ideally, you should place the speakers as close to the primary listening area and audio source as possible. The volume of the speaker decreases rapidly as it is moved further from the listener. Keep this in mind when planning the wire run to each speaker location. Patios, walls, and other features in your yard may be difficult to get around when wiring your speakers, so properly planning your design is important. Measure twice, dig once.

The grilles are not designed or intended to be removed. Do not attempt to remove the grilles from your rock speaker. There are no user serviceable parts behind the grille and removal will damage the speaker.


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