Camden Door Controls CI-SCP1, CI-WPS1, CI-WPSH Installation Instructions



Ceiling Pull Switches

Installation Instructions

Section 1

General Description

These pull switches are designed for use in factories, warehouses, and other industrial applications. These units are UL/CSA listed, and NEMA 4 rated for use in wet/outdoor environments.

They provide SPST momentary (CI-WPS1) and SPDT momentary (CI-SCP1) operation. Switch contacts are rated 3 Amps @ 240 VAC.

Section 2


The electrician installing the unit should provide a UL listed watertight hub or fitting for UL type “4” rating.

The CI-WPS1 may be mounted to a wall or a ceiling, while the CI-SCP1 is meant to be ceiling mounted.

CAUTION should be taken when connecting wires in conduit housing to be sure there is ample clearance inside the box so as not to interfere with the insertion of the switches when the front cover plate is installed.

WARNING: Do NOT apply power to the unit until all wiring is complete.


Figure 3 -CI-WPS1 Schematic

Figure 1 - CI-WPS1 Wall Mount Switch



Figure 4 -CI-SCP1 Schematic

Figure 2 - CI-SCP1 Ceiling Mount Switch

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