Broan 62BK244TMP, 62BK244CCY, 62BK244CCN, 62BK244TGK, 62BK244CMP User Manual

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MODEL: 62BK244CBK, 62BK244CCN,
62BK244CCY, 62BK244CMP, 62BK244TBK, 62BK244TCY, 62BK244TGK, 62BK244TMP
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MODEL WALL OPENING OVERALL SIZE NO. W H D W H D 62BK244CBK 141/4 24 4 161/2 261/2 51/ 62BK244CCN 141/4 24 4 161/2 261/2 51/ 62BK244CCY 141/4 24 4 161/2 261/2 51/ 62BK244CMP 141/4 24 4 161/2 261/2 51/ 62BK244TBK 141/4 24 4 161/2 261/2 51/ 62BK244TCY 141/4 24 4 161/2 261/2 51/ 62BK244TGK 141/4 24 4 161/2 261/2 51/ 62BK244TMP 141/4 24 4 161/2 261/2 51/
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
1. Carefully remove all packing material. Place hardware packages, shelves and door aside until needed. Hardware and shelves are located in the fillers identified by “Hardware Enclosed” tape.
2. Determine desired location of cabinet on wall. Mark wall to show wall opening size (see dimension chart). Generally, the recommended height to the center of the cabinet is 64” from the floor. (Fig. 1)
3. CAUTION: Wall studs, plumbing or electrical lines that interfere must be removed or relocated. Cut wall opening, being careful not to damage the surrounding wall surface. Insert framing to support all plaster board edges.
4. Prepare the mounting screws by placing the screws into the plastic bases. (Fig. 2)
5. Note: For ease of installation, an additional person is recommended. Insert cabinet into wall opening. (Fig.3) Ensure the cabinet is plumb and level. If necessary use a carpenter’s level and shim corners of cabinet. Secure to wall studs through the four (4) mounting holes inside cabinet, using the screws that have been placed into the plastic bases. (Fig. 4) Do not over tighten the mounting screws as the body side wall may bend and prevent proper shelf installation. Only tighten screws until they are flush with the body.
6. Snap the screw covers over the screw bases. (Fig.5)
Fig. 1
Fig. 3
Cabinet Body
Fig. 5
Snap on Cover
Wall Opening
Fig. 6
Fig. 2
Insert screw through clear plastic base
Mounting Screws
Hinge Mounted to Door
Fig. 4
Mounting screw into
mounting hole
1. Remove hinges and screws from hardware bag. Mount hinge unit on door as shown in Fig. 6 securing with screws provided.
2. Install the door by inserting door side of the hinge into the bracket on the body shown in Fig. 7.
3. Check door for proper alignment. If the door needs to be adjusted please refer to the adjustment procedures in Fig. 8.
1. Select where you want the shelves to be placed.
2. Insert two (2) shelf brackets at each end of the shelf location. (Fig. 9).
3. Set shelves in place on the shelf brackets, pressing down on the shelf to lock in place. (Fig. 9).
4. Remove hole plugs from hardware bag and place in remaining holes. (Fig. 10).
5. Remove bumpers from hardware bag and position to body. (Refer to Service Parts Drawing - Key No. 9 for bumper locations).
Fig. 7
Hinge Mounted to Cabinet
Press down on hinge until it clips in place
Fig. 9
Hook bottom of hinge into place on the bracket
Fig. 8
Door Adjustment
This screw for depth adjustments
This screw for left and right adjustments
Fig. 10
This screw for up and down adjustments
KEY PA RT NUMBER NO DESCRIPTION 62BK244CBK 62BK244CCN 62BK244CCY 62BK244CMP 62BK244TBK 62BK244TCY 62BK244TGK 62BK244TMP 1 Door Assembly A97016604 A97016606 A97016605 A97016607 A97016600 A97016601 A97016603 A97016602 2 Hinge Assm w/screws A97016214 A97016214 A97016214 A97016214 A97016214 A97016214 A97016214 A97016214 3 Screw, hinge (4 req) A99160423 A99160423 A99160423 A99160423 A99160423 A99160423 A99160423 A99160423 4 Hole Plug A9911 1301 A99111301 A99111301 A99111301 A99111301 A9911 1301 A9911 1301 A99111301 5 Screw cover & base A9911 1248 A99111248 A99111248 A99111248 A99111248 A9911 1248 A9911 1248 A99111248 6 Mounting screw
7 Shelf supports A9911 1300 A99111300 A99111300 A99111300 A99111300 A9911 1300 A9911 1300 A99111300 8 Shelf, glass A99050275 A99050275 A99050275 A99050275 A99050275 A99050275 A99050275 A9905275 9 Bumpers 7189 7189 7189 7189 7189 7189 7189 7189
* Standard hardware - may be purchased locally. Order replacement parts by “PART NUMBER” - NOT by KEY NO.”
#8 X 11/2” ********
Use only clean warm water and a clean, soft, lint-free cloth.
DO NOT USE cleaners that contain solutions of ammonia, vinegar, or chlorine.
DO NOT USE powdered cleansers or steel wool.
Never spray cleaning agent directly on mirror,
especially on exposed edges and mirror backing. Apply cleaner to soft cloth and wipe mirror. Dry mirror thoroughly.
Keep mirror dry. A well ventilated bath room is important.
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