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Solution Overview

Flexible DSL Deployment Using a

Mini-DSLAM Strategy

Standards-based DSL has fostered a highly competitive environment, and service providers have benefited with a wide choice of low-cost equipment solutions. These benefits have expanded to include DSLAM solutions optimized for remote areas served by remote terminals and multi-dwelling applications such as hotels and campus applications.

The ADTRAN® Total Access® 1200 Series of Mini-DSLAMs provide all the features of a central office-class DSLAM combined with the attributes of a sensible RT solution, including:

Price, Performance, Value

OSP Compliance

Small Space Requirements

Ease of Installation

Growth and Scalability

Remote Management

Effective Competitive Strategy

ADTRAN’s Mini-DSLAMs make DSL access affordable for the entire network, with the flexibility and scalability to meet today’s and tomorrow’s network needs.

DSL Access for the Entire Network

Affordable DSL Strategies. Broadband access offers exciting new revenue opportunities for applications such as Internet access and video. Adjunct DSLAMs placed in existing DLC cabinets or adjunct DSLAM cabinets represent the most costeffective solution for providing DSL, even considering the cost of rolling a truck to connect the service. TheTotal Access 1200 Series is an ideal solution for the existing network with its affordability and small footprint. Low initial investment, "grow as you go" expandability and modularity to increase bandwidth are attributes that make theTotal Access 1200 Series the perfect choice for meeting your customer demands.

Small Office and RemoteTerminal Applications. Line counts, available space, and DSL take rates influence the choice of DSL platform. For areas with lower line counts, the Total Access 1200 Series offers 24 ADSL ports in a single rack

unit of space, with expansion capabilities to 96 ports. Start with a single unit equipped with DS1 IMA for simple network setup and maintenance, then grow with your business using cost-effective expansion systems.

ATM and IP/Ethernet Solutions. For existing ATM networks, the Total Access 1200 Series of Mini-DSLAMs is an ideal solution for remote environments that demand fewer ports but all the functionality of a full-scale DSLAM. In IP/Ethernet networks, the Total Access 1250 combines straightforward IP access with the advantages of standards-based DSL deployments to create additional coverage and revenue opportunities. Interfacing theTotal Access 1250 with the Internet through LAN access is a simple, effective solution for campus and multi-dwelling environments.

The Total Access 1200 Series of Mini-DSLAMs – Flexible Solutions for Your Network

The Total Access 1200 Series of Mini-DSLAMs are tempera- ture-hardened mini-DSLAMs that enable delivery of

24 ports of ADSL with POTS service from smaller central offices, controlled environmental vaults, remote terminals, and customer premises. ADTRAN engineering has designed these Mini-DSLAMs to be compact, 1U high units that provide space savings while offering multiple options for deployment. Design flexibility enables the Total Access 1200 Series to be mounted as rack, wall, or vertical positioned units inside existing enclosures.

TheTotal Access 1200 Series of Mini-DSLAMs offer a scalable network interface, up to 96 ports of ADSL with expanded architecture, and a Quad IMA module with future capabilities for Octal IMA, DS3, OC-3c and the ability to serve more

than 96 ports. These Mini-DSLAMs incorporate scalability to meet growing subscriber needs. The units are interoperable with any standard DS1 IMA system, including the Total Access 3000 IMA Aggregation System.

The Total Access 1210 and 1211 models are designed to interface existing ATM-based networks. Existing POTS services are combined with ADSL through front panel connectors for simple installation. The Total Access 1250 combines an IP/Ethernet interface with 24 standard ADSL subscriber interfaces. In applications that utilize LAN access and routers for Internet connectivity such as hotels and campus environments, the Total Access 1250 is advantageous by utilizing inexpensive, commonly available modems without ATM switch or provisioning concerns.


Total Access 1200 Series of Mini-DSLAMs in Typical Network Applications

Class 5 Switch





Total Access 1250


ADSL Modem


Central Office and

Remote Terminal

Total Access 1210


ADSL Modem

Multi-dwelling Unit


Up to 96 ports ADSL+POTS using 24 port expansion units




Total Access 1211

Total Access 1200 Series of Mini-DSLAMs

Product Features

Mini-DSLAMs for CO, CEV, RT applications demanding cost-efficiency

Choice of ATM and IP/Ethernet uplinks

24 ports of ADSL with integrated splitters

Expansion capability up to 96 ports

Inverse Multiplexing over ATM (IMA) for up to four T1 IMA links in a single unit

Interoperable with any ATM DS1 IMA system

Lifeline POTS support (pass through)

Front access to all connections

Fully redundant A/B power inputs

Local craft interface and ATM in-band management channel enable provisioning and alarm monitoring via SNMP/ASCII text and TL1

Industry-leading, 10-year warranty

Total Acceess 1200 Mini-DSLAMs

Product Specifications

Front Panel Features

Five LEDs: Power, ADSL, Network, Alarm,T1/E1

Two 50-pin Amphenol interfaces: POTS, ADSL+POTS

DB-9 craft interface

DB-15 alarm interface: Input/output

Four RJ-45 uplink trunks


Dimensions: 1.75 in. H x 17.25 in. W x 11.13 in. D

Weight: 8 lb

Mounting: Rackmount or wallmount

Can be mounted in either a flush mount or midmount orientation in either a 19-inch or 23-inch rack.


Network Interfaces



Subscriber Interfaces

ADSL with integrated splitters

Modulation Supported

Regulatory Standards

NEBS Level 3

NRTL Safety Listed

GR-63-CORE, Issue 2

GR-1089-CORE, Issue 3


Local: ASCII – menu

Remote: SNMP, TL1, 10Base-T Ethernet


Operating: –40°C to +70°C

Storage: –40ºC to +85ºC

Relative humidity: 95 percent, noncondensing


Ordering Information





Part #






Total Access 1210








Total Access1210 ATM Mini-DSLAM includes:



Total Access 1200 RDS Shelf, 19-inch, 24-port







Total Access 1210 Quad IMA Interface



Total Access 1211




Total Access 1211 Mini-DSLAM includes:



Total Access 1200 RDS Shelf, 19-inch, 24-port







Total Access 1211 Quad IMA Expansion


ANSI T1.413

Total Access 1250



–42 VDC to –56 VDC


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P.O. Box 140000

Huntsville, AL 35814-4000

800 9 ADTRAN

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The Network Access Company

Total Access 1250 Mini-DSLAM includes:


Total Access 1200 RDS Shelf, 19-inch, 24-port




Total Access 1250 IP Module


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