3xLOGIC View Lite Smart Device App User Manual

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3xLOGIC View Lite Smart Device App User Manual

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction


2 Using View Lite with an Apple iOS Device



Installing 3xLOGIC's View Lite on your Device



View Lite Main Screen



Adding VIGIL Servers/3xCLOUD Accounts to View Lite



VIGIL Server






Viewing Live Video with View Lite on your iOS Device



Server-Specific Toolbar:


2.4.1 Viewing Live Video in Full Screen


2.4.2 Using PTZ With Live Video (iOS)



Saving and Loading Views on View Lite



Using Layouts on View Lite



Searching and Viewing Playback on View Lite


2.7.1 Searching for Playback


2.7.2 Viewing Playback on 3xLOGIC View Lite


2.7.3 Playback Options



Searching and Viewing POS Data



View Lite Settings


3 Using View Lite with an Android OS Device



Install View Lite



View Lite Main Screen



Adding VIGIL Servers/3XClouds to View Lite



Adding a VIGIL Server



Adding a 3XCloud



Viewing Live Video



Server Specific Toolbar



Camera Tools:


3.4.1 Using Relays in Live View


3.4.2 Viewing Live Video In Full Screen Mode



Saving and Loading Views



Using Layouts



Searching and Viewing Playback



Searching Playback



Viewing Playback


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Searching POS Data



View Lite Settings


4 Contact Information



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1 Introduction

With the exponential growth of wireless and mobile capability, the potential for instant and direct access to your security network via a mobile device has become reality. Welcome to 3xLOGIC's View Lite Smart Device application, a new solution to your mobile video surveillance and management needs.

With 3xLOGIC's View Lite you can use your Apple iOS or Android OS device to view live streams of all cameras connected to your 3xLOGIC VIGIL Server(s). View Lite is designed to connect and view both IP and analog cameras from a configured VIGIL Server. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, saved views and several different layout options, you can easily view up to 48 live cameras on your mobile device.

To compliment this core functionality, features such as VIGIL Connect, still image exports, full PTZ control (on applicable cameras), relays(DIOs), POS Search and full playback capability give View Lite a powerful feature set that far exceeds standard mobile video management offerings.

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2 Using View Lite with an Apple iOS Device

The following section will outline the installation and basic usage of 3xLOGIC View Lite on your Apple iPhone or iPad device. 3xLOGIC View Lite is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4(4s), iPhone 5 (5s, 5c), iPod touch (3rd, 4th, 5th generation) and iPad(1,2,3, Air, Mini.) Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Note:The screenshots throughout this manual were taken with an iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 running iOS 7. Please note the iPad/ iPad mini and iPhone application are the same application, with only larger or smallers viewing areas depending on the device being used. All interface components pictured in this manual will be located in the same area, relative to your device size.


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2.1 Installing 3xLOGIC's View Lite on your Device

To install 3xLOGIC's View Lite app directly from your Apple device, navigate to the 3xLOGIC View Lite page by using the below QR code or tapping here.

Note:The above link and QR code will only function properly on an appropriate Apple device or a PC with iTunes installed. Please click here to visit the 3xLOGIC View Lite App page on PCs without iTunes installed

Alternatively, you may search for the app through the iTunes App Store directly from your apple device. You will be presented with the below screen(or similar, depending on your Apple device generation.)

Click to begin the download. You will be prompted for your AppleID login credentials. If you have recently installed other software off of the iTunes App Store you will not be prompted for your Apple ID credentials. Login to begin the download and installation.

Download and installation progress will be indicated by the icon.

When installation completes, this symbol will turn into the button.

Click this to open 3xLOGIC View Lite, or return to your home screen and open the app by clicking the


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2.2 View Lite Main Screen

After saving a VIGIL Server, or when logging into the program after having already configured your Server lists, you will be pr sented with the 3xLOGIC Lite View Main Screen(pictured below.) When running 3xLOGIC View Lite for the first time, the main screen will appear with no active camera feeds. The number of blank windows is dependent on your device's screen size.




Clear Layout

Select Layout

Search Playback


This button will open a list of configured VIGIL Servers. Select a Server to access its cameras, which can be dragged into the current layout for live viewing.

This button will open a list of configured 3xCloud accounts. If no accounts have been created, this button will allow you to Add a 3xCloud account.

This button will take you to the Views screen which contains a collection of saved views.

This button will clear the current layout of all cameras and windows. You will be asked to confirm this action.

Select pre-configured layout options for your 3xLOGIC View Lite main screen.

This button will bring you to the Playback Search screen.

Selecting this button will bring you to the 3xLOGIC View Lite Settings page.


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2.3 Adding VIGIL Servers/3xCLOUD Accounts to View Lite

VIGIL Server

The first time you run 3xLOGIC's View Lite app, you will be met with the New Server screen (pictured below.) This runs when no active Servers have been added to 3xLOGIC View Lite.

New VIGIL Server


Enter the Description of the Server you wish to save. This will be used throughout 3xLOGIC View Lite to refer to the Server currently being saved to View Lite. The example above uses the description "Test Box."

VIGIL Connect


Enable VIGIL Connect by setting this option to On. Set to Off to disable VIGIL Connect.


The example above has VIGIL Connect disabled.






Host and IP


Enter the IP address of the Server you are attempting to save.






Enter the Port number of the Server you are attempting to save.




User Name


Enter a valid User Name for the Server you are attempting to save.






Enter a valid Password for the user account you entered in the preceding User Name





After filling in the appropriate fields, select Save in the upper-right hand corner of the New Server screen.

After a successful attempt you will be notified with a prompt stating "Server Settings are Successfully Saved."


3xCLOUD is a video management solution offered by 3xLOGIC. It consists of a list of VIGIL Servers added by a user, and a browserbased Client used to view streams from these servers using any number of devices(PC, Tablet, Smartphone).

To add a 3xCLOUD account to View Lite:

Select the Options icon () from the View Lite main page.

Select 3xCLOUD from the options menu.

Click 3xCLOUD Login to configure your Cloud account for use with View Lite.

If you wish to create a new 3xCLOUD account, select 3xCLOUD Register . This will generate the sign-out form.

Fill in the appropriate fields, and submit the form.

Follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail to create your 3xCLOUD account.

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2.4 Viewing Live Video with View Lite on your iOS Device

To view live streams from the cameras currently active on your VIGIL Server:

Select the Servers button from the 3xLOGIC View Lite main screen(circled in red, below-left.)

After selecting the Servers button, you will be presented with the Servers screen(pictured below) This screen features a list of eligible VIGIL Servers containing up to 32 cameras each.

Select the appropriate VIGIL Server (The example above features a VIGIL Servers, named "Smith." After selecting a VIGIL Server, you will be brought back to the main screen.


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A camera selection slider bar(red arrows, below) featuring available camera streams will be visible along the bottom of the main screen, above the button toolbar.

To navigate available cameras streams, swipe your finger along the camera selection slider bar, left or right as pictured below.

To select a camera/stream for viewing on the main screen, simply drag the camera thumbnail image from the camera selection slider bar to an open window on your main screen. This will place the camera in the available window.

The above example has had ten camera streams slotted on the 3xLOGIC View Lite main screen.

Server-Specific Toolbar:

After selecting a VIGIL Server, the main page will load a Server-Specific toolbar along with the Server's camera list.

Move camera list left (if swiping is unavailable on your device)

Clear current layout

Display all cameras

Refresh Server

Generate a list of available DIO (relays) on the selected VIGIL Server

Open the POS Search window.

Move camera list right (if swiping is unavailable on your device)

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2.4.1 Viewing Live Video in Full Screen

To bring a stream from your main screen layout into full screen mode:

Tap the desired stream.

A full screen window will launch(pictured below.) Stream information is available under the camera frame when in full screen mode. Stream information includes compression type, FPS, current bandwidth usage as well as date and time.

Note:Tilt your device sideways to enlarge the stream further. Full screen size is dependent on device screen size. Dimensions and resolution will increase and decrease depending on device screen size.

Access Camera PTZ Controls(if available.)

Take a snapshot. You will be presented with a menu featuring the following options after tapping the Snapshot button

Clear- Clear Camera window(this will bring you back to the main screen and will remove the current camera from the stream window.

Save Image - Save image to your device's camera roll.

Send Image- E-mail the image to a recipient(s) of your choice.

Cancel - Exit the Snapshot menu.

Switch between Mainstream(High Quality) and Substream(Low Quality) video. If iOS does not support the selected camera's substream, 3xLOGIC's RapidStream technology will be used.

Access the Playback search function for this camera. See "Searching for Playback" on page 12

Toggles POS On-Screen Display

- Located in the upper-right corner next to the camera name. Opens the POS Search. See "Searching and Viewing POS Data" on page 15

-Located in the upper-right corner next to the camera name. Opens the OSD Settings window. A user may adjust OSD Dwell Time, Number of Lines, Font Size and Font Colour, Toggle Column Headers and adjust Col-

umn Visibility and Width from this window.

Swipe left to right to view all OSD columns.

Note:The OSD, POS Search and OSD Settings buttons will only appear on POS-enabled cameras.


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