3M MODULE A125 User Manual

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Noise Reduction Module

Model A125

Installation Instructions


The 3M A125 Noise Reduction board (3M part number 78-9236-6453-2) improves the inbound intelligibility of an intercom system by reducing environmental background noise from vehicles, airplanes, noisy intersections, wind, etc.

System Requirements

The 3M A125 Noise Reduction Module requires a 3M model C921BA or C922AA Base Station.

Installing the Noise Reduction board into the 3M Base Station

1.Remove the right-hand and left-hand top covers from the 3M base station. Be careful that the main circuit board does not fall out of the plastic base.

2.See ***Important installation notice*** on next page before performing this step.

Plug the A125 ribbon cable onto connector J8, located at the top of the left side of the circuit board. Be careful to support the rear side of the base station circuit board when plugging in the A125 ribbon cable.

3.Position the holes near the edge of the A125 circuit board over the plastic standoffs on the base station.

4.Attach the left-hand base station cover after configuring the A125 board, and performing the Final Checkout Procedure.

Install the A125 board here

Figure 1. Mounting the A125 to the C921BA Base Station

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