Radio Shack 43-1242 User Manual

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Cat. No. 43-1242


Please read before using this equipment.

Modem Mate

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Your RadioShack Modem Mate lets you use a fax machine or computer modem with almost any corded phone. It is a must for users of laptop computers, electronic notebooks, and data or fax modems.

It connects your modem or fax machine to the phone line using the handset cord, so you can use your computer even if the phone’s cord is not removable, or if the phone is on a key telephone system. Plus, you do not need to have an expensive modem jack installed. It also has connections for a tape recorder, so you can easily record your important phone calls.

The Modem Mate includes these features:

Compatible with Standard Handsets — works with almost any telephone that has a removable handset cord and does not have a keypad on the handset, including single-line, multi-line, and most digital phone systems.

High-Speed Operation — operates at speeds up to 14.4K bits per second.

Easy Call Recording — lets you easily record voice calls for later playback (requires a tape recorder).

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You need two 9-voltbatteries (not supplied) to power your Modem Mate.

After installation, you must set the modem mate’s VOICE/MODEM switch toVOICE to make normal phone calls.

This Modem Mate has been tested and found to comply with all applicable UL and FCC standards.

We recommend you record your Modem Mate’s serial number here. The number is on the bottom of the Modem Mate.

Serial Number: ___________________________


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Your Modem Mate requires two 9-voltbatteries for power. For the best performance, we recommend you use alkaline batteries such as RadioShack Cat. No.23-553.

Follow these steps to install the batteries.


1.Press the tab and lift the battery compartment cover to remove it.

2.Insert the batteries into the compartment on top of the ribbon, according to the polarity symbols (+ and – ) marked inside the compartment.

3.Replace the cover.


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If the Battery Test indicator lights dimly or does not light when you press Battery Test, replace the batteries with two fresh ones.


Use only fresh 9-voltbatteries.

Do not mix old and new batteries, different types of batteries (standard, alkaline, or nickel cadmium), or rechargeable batteries of different capacities.

If you do not plan to use the Modem Mate for an extended period, remove the batteries. Batteries can leak chemicals that can damage electronic devices.

Always dispose of old batteries properly.


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Follow these steps to use the Modem Mate to connect your modem or fax machine to the phone line.


1.Plug the device’s modular telephone cord into the Modem Mate’s MODEM jack.

2.Unplug the telephone’s handset cord from the telephone base. Then plug the handset cord into the Modem Mate’s HANDSET jack.

3.Plug the Modem Mate’s coiled cord into the telephone’s handset jack.

4.Set VOICE/MODEM toVOICE, then pick up the phone to be sure you hear a dial tone.


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5.Set VOICE/MODEM toMODEM, so you can set the sensitivity level.

6.Set the Level switch on the back of the Modem Mate to2.


7.With the phone’s handset still off the hook, give your computer or fax machine the command to dial the desired phone number.


The handset must be left off the hook when any data is being transmitted.

If you have the handset off the hook too long before dialing, the phone company sends error tones. If this happens, put the handset on the hook for a few seconds, then remove it and redial.

If you have trouble making a connection, set Level to1 (the lowest sensitivity setting) and try again. If you still have problems, try settingLevel to3 or4.


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If the battery power is becoming weak, you might need to set Level to the next higher position.

8.When you finish the data transmission, hang up the handset, and set VOICE/MODEM back toVOICE.


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You can connect a tape recorder to your Modem Mate to record and play back telephone conversations.


If the tape recorder does not have a 1/8-inchmicrophone jack, you need an adapter. RadioShack stores sell adapters for several different size plugs.

Batteries are not needed for recording and playing back telephone conversations.

You can only record telephone calls made from the telephone that the Modem Mate is connected to.

Important: It is illegal in some areas to record phone conversations without the consent of all parties to the conversation, including the phone company. For more information, check the laws in your area.


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Follow theses steps to connect the Modem Mate to the tape recorder and the telephone.

1.Unplug the telephone’s handset cord from the phone’s base. Then plug the handset cord into the Modem Mate’s HANDSET jack.

2.Plug the Modem Mate’s coiled cord into the telephone’s handset jack.

3.Plug one end of the supplied patch cord into the Modem Mate’s Rec jack.

4.Plug the other end of the patch cord into the tape recorder’s external microphone jack.


6.When you want to record, set the tape recorder to record. When you have finished recording, press the tape recorder’s STOP button.

Note: If you use a voice activated (VOX) tape recorder, you can leave it set to record. Then, when you pick up the telephone handset, the recorder automatically records both sides of the conversation.