Cisco Systems VIP4 User Manual
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Fourth Generation Versatile Interface Processor

(VIP4) Installation and Configuration Guide

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This guide provides instructions for installing, configuring, and maintaining the fourth-generationVersatile Interface Processor (VIP4). The VIP4 operates with the Cisco 7505, Cisco 7507, Cisco7507-MX,Cisco 7513, Cisco7513-MX,and the Cisco 7576 routers with the Route Switch Processor (RSP1, RSP2, RSP4, RSP4+, or RSP8), and with the Cisco 7000 series routers using the 7000 Series Route Switch Processor (RSP7000) and 7000 Series Chassis Interface (RSP7000CI). See the“Software Requirements” section on page 9 for specific compatibility requirements.

The VIP4 supports online insertion and removal (OIR), which allows you to remove and replace a VIP4 without first shutting down the system. Online insertion and removal maximizes router availability by letting you add or remove VIP4s during system operation. See the “Guidelines for VIP4 Removal and Installation” section on page 15 for more information on removing and installing the VIP4.

The VIP4 supports LAN and WAN port adapters (PAs), including Fast Ethernet, T1/E1, High-SpeedSerial Interface (HSSI), T3/E3, T3/E3 ATM, multichannel T1/E1, multichannel T3/E3,OC-3ATM, Packet over SONET (POS), andOC-12ATM. For a list of supported port adapters, refer to the“VIP4 and Port Adapter Compatibility” section on page 7 .

The VIP4 port adapters do not support OIR, so when removing or inserting a port adapter, the system must be shut down first. The VIP42 must be removed from its interface processor slot before removing or installing a port adapter.

For complete descriptions of interface subcommands and the configuration options available for VIP4-relatedinterfaces, refer to the configuration note for each of the port adapters installed on your VIP4 and to the appropriate Cisco IOS software configuration publications. (See the“Related Documentation” section on page 2 .)

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This guide includes the following sections:

Related Documentation, page 2

VIP4 Overview, page 3

Installation Prerequisites, page 9

Agency Approvals, page 11

Safety Guidelines, page 12

VIP4 Installation Procedures, page 15

Checking the VIP4 Installation, page 21

VIP4 Maintenance Procedures, page 28

VIP4 Troubleshooting, page 40

Obtaining Documentation, page 40

Obtaining Technical Assistance, page 41

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Fourth Generation Versatile Interface Processor (VIP4) Installation and Configuration Guide