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Digital Modem Network Modules for the Cisco 3600 Platform


The Cisco 3600 Series is a family of modular, multifunction access routers for medium and large-sizedoffices and smaller Internet Service Providers. With over 70 modular interface options, the Cisco 3600 family provides solutions for voice/data integration, virtual private networks (VPNs) dial access, and multiprotocol data routing. Using Cisco’s Voice/Fax network modules, the Cisco 3600 Series allows customers to consolidate voice, fax, and data traffic on a single network infrastructure. Thehigh-performance,modular architecture of the Cisco 3600 Series protects customers’ investment in network technology and integrates the functions of several devices into a single, manageable solution.

Now, with this announcement of the new digital modem network modules, the Cisco 3600 expands its role as a multifunction, branch/enterprise orientated platform that, supports voice over data, dial access and LAN-to-LANor routing in one modular platform, making it an ideal solution for the “power branch” environment.

The following network modules are being announced:

Table 1


Product Description1


6 digital modem network module




12 digital modem network module




18 digital modem network module




24 digital modem network module




30 digital modem network module




6 digital modem upgrade card for the Cisco 3600 digital


modem network modules




Managed Modem Software License (available in blocks


of 6 modems)



1. Note: These digital modem network modules must operate in conjunction with a TI/EI/PRI/BRI network module. For details on supported PRI network modules, see the “Technical Specifications” section.

Features at a Glance

Up to 30 digital modems per 3620

Up to 60 digital modems per 3640

Up to 120 digital modems in a 3660

Network module requires one slot in a Cisco 3600

Each network module supports up to 30 digital modems

Each modem is fully software upgradable

Speeds up to 56 kbps (V.90) are supported

The number of modems per chassis can be easily increased on site

LEDs indicate when the network module is enabled/modem banks are in use

PRI, BRI, CT1, and R2 support

V.110 support


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