Cisco Systems CE-100T-8 User Manual
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CE-100T-8Ethernet Operation

This chapter covers the operation of the CE-100T-8(Carrier Ethernet) card supported on the ONS 15310(15310-CE-100T-8).ACE-100T-8card is also supported on the ONS 15454(15454-CE-100T-8).Provisioning is done through Cisco Transport Controller (CTC) or Transaction Language One (TL1). Cisco IOS is not supported on theCE-100T-8card.

For Ethernet card specifications, refer to the Cisco ONS 15310-CL Reference Manual. Forstep-by-step

Ethernet card circuit configuration procedures and hard-resetandsoft-resetprocedures, refer to the

Cisco ONS 15310-CLProcedure Guide. Refer to the Cisco ONS SONET TL1 Command Guidefor TL1 provisioning commands. For specific details on ONS 15310-CL Ethernet card interoperability with other ONS platforms, refer to the “POS on ONS Ethernet Cards” chapter of the Ethernet Card Software Feature and Configuration Guide for the ONS 15454 SDH, ONS 15454, and ONS 15327.

Chapter topics include:

CE-100T-8 Overview, page 16-1

CE-100T-8 Ethernet Features, page 16-2

CE-100T-8 SONET Circuits and Features, page 16-6


The CE-100T-8is a Layer 1 mapper card with eight 10/100 Ethernet ports. It maps each port to a unique SONET circuit in apoint-to-pointconfiguration.Figure 16-1 illustrates a sampleCE-100T-8application. In this example, data traffic from the Fast Ethernet port of a switch travels across thepoint-to-pointcircuit to the Fast Ethernet port of another switch.

Figure 16-1CE-100T-8Point-to-PointCircuit





The CE-100T-8cards allow you to provision and manage an Ethernet private line service like a traditional SONET line.CE-100T-8card applications include providing Ethernet private line services andhigh-availabilitytransport.

Cisco ONS 15310-CLEthernet Card Software Feature and Configuration Guide, R5.0


June 2005