Cisco Systems 3180 User Manual
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C H A P T E R 3

Installing the AVS 3180

This chapter explains how to install the AVS 3180 in an equipment rack or on a table or workbench. This chapter also provides instructions for connecting cables, AC power, and for booting the AVS 3180.

Warning Read the installation instructions before connecting the system to the power source.Statement 1004

This chapter contains the following major sections:

Unpacking and Inspecting the AVS 3180

Installing Your AVS 3180

Connecting Cables

Connecting AC Power

Booting the AVS 3180

Establishing a Serial Console Connection

Configuring Network Settings

Setting the Time

Checking the Front Panel LEDs

Removing or Replacing an AVS 3180

Before you begin the installation, be sure you have read these sections:

Chapter 2, “Preparing for Installation”

Appendix B, “Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco AVS 3180 Management Station”

Also, you may want to familiarize yourself with the AVS software by reading the following related documents, which you can obtain from

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Chapter 3 Installing the AVS 3180

Unpacking and Inspecting the AVS 3180

Unpacking and Inspecting the AVS 3180

The AVS 3180 shipment contains the following items:

One RJ-45to female25-pinsub-dconnector

Two RJ-45to female9-pinsub-dconnectors

One RJ-45console cable

One four-postrack mounting kit

One two-postrack mounting kit

Four rubber feet

Cisco Product Documentation CD-ROMand Warranty Package

Cisco AVS 3180 Management Station Hardware Installation Guide

The AVS 3180 is shipped in a protective shipping carton. It is shipped as a self-containedchassis; no components can be added or removed.

Follow these steps to unpack the AVS 3180:

1.Remove the AVS 3180 accessories from the shipping carton. Save the packing materials in case you need to repack the AVS 3180 later.

2.Check the configuration of the AVS 3180 and the accessories against the items listed on the packing slip. Report any discrepancies as described in “If the Product is Damaged”.

3.Before installing the AVS 3180, review the information outlined in Chapter 2, “Preparing for Installation”

If the Product is Damaged

If any portion of the unit or component is damaged in transit, forward an immediate request to the delivering carrier to perform an inspection of the product and to prepare a damage report. Save the container and all packing materials until the contents are verified.

Concurrently, report the nature and extent of the damage to Customer Service. Report the problem or deficiency to Customer Service along with the model number and serial number. Upon receipt of this information, you will be provided with service instructions, or a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and shipping information. To obtain assistance, refer to the “Obtaining Technical Assistance” section on page xvi.

Installing Your AVS 3180

Place the AVS 3180 in the desired location. You can mount it in a rack for your convenience, or place it on a solid, stable surface. If you do not plan to install the AVS 3180 in an equipment rack, proceed to the “Installing the AVS 3180 on a Workbench or Tabletop” section on page 3-10.

Racks are marked in vertical increments of 1.75 inches (4.45 cm). Each increment is referred to as a rack unit (RU). A 1-RUdevice is 1.75 inches (4.45 cm) tall.

Warning Only trained and qualified personnel should be allowed to install, replace, or service this equipment.

Statement 1030

Cisco AVS 3180 Management Station Hardware Installation Guide