Abocom FE2000 User Manual

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CardBus 10/100 Ethernet

PC Card Adapter

Quick Installation Guide

Hardware Installation

This chapter describes how to install the CardBus 10/100M dual-speedPC Card in your notebook computer and connect it to network. It’s referred to “the PC Card” in this manual.

The PC Card could connect to either 100Mbps Fast Ethernet or 10Mbps Ethernet over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) calbe. The PC Card has the ability of automatic sensing and operating on either speed without manual recofiguration.

After finishing the installation of PC Card into your Notebook, please refer to Software Installation on how to install network drivers using menu driven installation utility.

Inserting the CardBus Dual-SpeedPC Card

1.Hold the CardBus PC Card with wide connector

toward the slot and the brand lable facing upward.

2.Insert the CardBus PC Card and push it firmly into the bottom. ( Please see the figuer on the next page for reference)

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Removing the CardBus Dual-SpeedPC Card

It’s quite different for various computer mechanical design. Please refer to the PC Card removal instruction in the document for your notebook computer.

Connecting and Removing the Cable of Media Coupler to the CardBus PC Card

Grasp the PC Card 15-pinsconnector at the end of the media coupler with the pointing triangle facing upward. Gently insert it into the mating connector on the PC Card until it clicks in place at both sides.

Attention should be paid when removing the15-pinsconnector. Please press the both sides of the connectors before dragging it out of the PC Card.

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Connecting to the Network

Connect unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable to the RJ-45connector of media coupler before loading any network driver.

For operation in the100Mbps (100Base-TX)Ethernet network, a Category 5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable should be used to connect between media coupler and 100Mbps hub or switch.

For operation in the 10Mbps (10Base-T)Ethernet network, Category 3, 4 or 5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable could be used to connect between the media coupler and a 10Mbps hub or switch.

LED Indicators

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Software Installation

Extensive software drivers have been developped for CardBus 10/100M PC Card including DOS-Mode,Microsoft Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT. Some of the Operating Systems and PC Card/Socket Services haven’t been well implemented to support new CardBus technology at the present time. Our unique drivers and utility enable the CardBus 10/100M Ethernet PC Card to run almost all the major environments.

This Chapter consists several parts: Windows 95,

Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows NT 3.5x and various configuration in DOS-mode. The user could refer to specific section for installation.

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Windows 95 Installation

Windows 95 released two major versions at the time when this manual is written. The first version ( refer to “Native Windows 95” afterward ) supports for16-bitPC Card but not for CardBus PC Card. The latest version Windows 95 with OEM Service Release #2 ( refer toOSR2 Windows 95 or later ) supports both16-bitand CardBus PC Card. The CardBus 10/100M Ethernet PC Card could operates in either Native or OSR2 version Windows 95 environments. However, the installation procedures are different. The section will presents you how to identify your version of Windows 95 first. Then you could decide which kind of installation process should be followed:

Determining the Version of Windows 95

1.After successfully booting and login the Windows 95. Click on the Start Button.

2.Select the Settings.

3.Select Control Panel.

4.Within the Control Panel, double-clickthe

System icon.

5.Select the General Tab, this system information will displayed like the following figure.

- 5 -

Version Information here!

4.00.950 or 4.00.950a is first released Windows 95 which don’t support CardBus. Refer toNative Windows 95 section for installation.

4.00.950B is Windows 95 with OEM Service Release #2 which support both PC Card and CardBus PC Card. Refer toOSR2 Windows 95 or Later section for installation.

Native Windows 95

Though Non-OSR2Windows 95 doesn’t support CardBus PC Card, you could use our driver to run the the CardBus 10/100M Ethernet PC Card.

- 6 -

1.Insert the Cardbus 10/100M Ethernet PC Card into the socket.

2.Click on the Start button.

3.Select Setting

4.Select Control Panel.And the Control Panelshow up.

5.Double-clicktheNetwork icon. And theNetwork Menu prompt up.

6.Click the Add button. AndSelect Network Components Type Menu shows.

7.Double-clicktheAdapter. TheSelect Network Adapters Menu opens.

8.Click the Have Disk button. The Install From Disk Menu shows.

9.Insert the Drive Disk.

10.Give A:\ in the input box. Click OK. ( Or type the

path name whereever you place

the driver



11.Select the CardBus Fast Ethernet 10/100

Adapter manual load

- 7 -

12.Click OK. A dialog box will appear to adjust the driver's settings. The resources assignment to adapter should be uniqe in the system.

13.The Newwork window reopens.

14.Click OK

15.Insert your original Windows 95 CD or disk set. Input the drive which contain the source. Click OK

16.After the copy file process is complete, the system will promt you to restart the Computer.

17.For the first time installation, you need to go to the Network in the Control Panel to setup the protocols, clients and services properly according to your need.

Note: If you start the computer without the CardBus 10/100 Ethernet PC Card installed in the socket, the native Windows 95 system will prompt you the warning message “Your Network Adapter

CardBus Fast Ethernet 10/100 Adapter manual load”[0001] is not working properly.

- 8 -

You may need to set it up again. For more information see the network troubleshutter in the windows Help”.

If you don’t need to use the CardBus 10/100 PC Card at this time, you can just ignore the message. Otherwise, you need to insert the CardBus 10/100 Ethernet PC Card into the CardBus socket and just restart the native Windows 95 again to make the Card working functionally.

OSR2 Windows 95 and Later

Windows 95 OSR2 and later versions support both CardBus and 16-bitPC Card. That is, you could run the16-bitPC Card and CardBus 10/100M Ethernet PC Card simultaneously with theplug-n-playsupport. In addition to the plugn-playsupport of both types of PC Card, the user also could perform the Hot Swap function provided by the Card and Socket Service built in the OSR2 Windows 95 or later.

1.After the Windows 95 OSR2 have successfully boot, insert the CardBus 10/100 Ethernet PC Card with media coupler attached into the CardBus Socket.

2.Click Nexton Update Device Drivers Winzard

3.Click The Others Locationsbutton

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