Abocom EGE5000 User Manual

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Gigabit Ethernet ExpressCard

The EGE5000 is a 10/100/1000M Ethernet ExpressCard, which is specifically designed to plug into a desktop or laptop equipped with an ExpressCard slot.

The EGE5000 provides throughput and connectivity at gigabit speeds up to 1000 Mbps (1Gbps) raw bandwidth, that is 100 times faster than the original Ethernet, yet is compatible with existing Ethernets.

With the innovative design of the foldable connector, the EGE5000 comes with an ultra slimRJ-45port that is only half the height of regularRJ-45connectors, making it the thinnest ExpressCard on the market to date. It’s easy and convenient to carry in your pocket, or simply to store away when not in use.

The EGE5000 enables you to connect your computer via an available ExpressCard slot and your Ethernet and Gigabit network in seconds, you are networked in no time. Plus,

This EGE5000 also features lowpower-consumingdevice which draws power from ExpressCard slot directly, thus no external power supply is required.


Compliant with ExpressCard standard Express interface with 2.5 GHz signaling Active state power management (L0s) support 10/100/1000M data rate auto-negotiation10/100/1000M IEEE 802.3 compliant

Feature full duplex mode that doubles the network connection speed

Foldable connector for convenient carrying and storage

High-powerBus-powerno outside power is required

Easy to read LED indicators

Automatic MDI/MDIX crossover at all speed Compact and robust design perfect solution for all network users, both desktop and mobile

Microsoft Plug-and-Playcompatible Easy Installation

Wake On LAN (WOL) power management support

Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for remote boot (PXE 2.1)


Network Specification

Host Interface

LED Indicators


EMC Certification

Supported Operating System

December 24, 2004

Interoperability Event Results

Congratulations! After review of the results of the ExpressCard Interoperability Event #2 by PCMCIA's ExpressCard Compliance Program Evaluation Panel, your product:

AboCom Systems, Inc.

Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Case #: 00017

has PASSED the Interoperability phase of the ExpressCard Compliance Program.

The Compliance Program Evaluation Panel granted exceptions in the case of Interoperability Checklist items GR1, HR1 and HI1 considering that the test failures occurred with other modules using the PCI Express bus on those particular host systems and the panel felt that the failures were most likely host system issues.

Thank you for participating in the Interoperability Event, which is a key milestone in the ExpressCard initiative evolution. Your participation in this event is an indication to the rest of the computer hardware industry that ExpressCard technology is being embraced as the next external I/O expansion standard for desktops and notebooks.

In order for your product to successfully complete the ExpressCard Compliance Program, the ExpressCard Compliance Program Evaluation Panel must review both the Compliance Checklist and Interoperability Event results for your product. Please submit your competed Compliance Checklist for review by the Panel.


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Compliance Program Manager


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