Abocom EFM560 User Manual
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Fax Modem 56K

User Guide



To install the External Fax Modem 56K card perform the following steps:

1.Turn off your computer. Make sure the power switch of your External Fax Modem 56K is also set to off.

2.Connect the RS-232cable to your External Fax Modem 56K with one end to theRS-232 port on the rear panel of the External Fax Modem 56K and the other end to the COM port of your computer.

3.Connect the provided power adapter to the AC IN port and the other end into a wall outlet.

4.Turn the Power Switch to ON and power on your computer.

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5.Connect the telephone line to the RJ-11Line port, connect the other end of the line into a telephone jack in your wall.

Note: Use only the power adapter provided with this unit. Using any incorrect power adapters will cause permanent and unpredictable damage to this External Fax Modem 56K.

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