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3Com® OfficeConnect®

Dual 56K LAN Modem

Getting Started Guide


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Published May


Congratulations on choosing the 3Com OfficeConnect Dual 56K LAN Modem! For the most common network application — creating a local area network (LAN) with shared access to the Internet, the Dual 56K LAN Modem setup is a simple, three-stepprocess:

1. Install...

2. Optimize...

3. Configure...


























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0 VD



10-3A MA


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Connect the cables

Run the EZ-LANWizard

Launch your Web browser


to optimize TCP/IP

to run the ISP Wizard












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Dual 56K LAN Modem


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56k LAN










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3Com LANModemGuide

Dual56K Started







OfficeConnect Dual 56K

Rubber feet


LAN Modem Getting Started Guide

stacking clip


OfficeConnect Dual 56K LAN Modem

Companion Programs CD-ROM


Getting Started Guide (PDF)

User Guide (PDF and HTML)


LAN Modem Desktop Manager

Virtual FAX Modem/Fax Software

Dial-UpNetworking 1.3

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Web Browsers

Phone port adapter (not provided for

all locations)

Network Assistant CD

Contains helpful networking tutorials, troubleshooting tips and product information

Two analog telephone cables (RJ-11toRJ-11)

One 10BASE-TEthernet cable(RJ-45toRJ-45)

Power supply transformer and country-specificpower cord


This Getting Started Guide is designed to cover the most common application of the Dual 56K LAN Modem — configuration for shared Internet access on a dynamic IP network. For all other applications, refer to the User Guide, located on the OfficeConnect Dual 56K Companion CD-ROM.

To set up a LAN for shared access to the Internet, you must have the following:

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) Account

A Computer with Ethernet connectivity, TCP/IP software,* and aCD-ROMdrive

A Web Browser, such as Netscape Navigator (4.0 or later) or Microsoft Internet Explorer (4.0 or later), installed on your computer

*TCP/IP is automatically included with Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000 and is built in with Mac OS 7.6 or later.


To install the Dual 56K LAN Modem:

1 Turn off your computer.

CAUTION: You should only connect one computer to the LAN Modem for the initial setup. After installing and configuring, you can connect additional computers to the unit. Do not connect the Dual 56K LAN Modem to an existing LAN until after you have completed the configuration.

2Connect your computer to LAN port 1, using the supplied Ethernet cable.

3Connect the analog cables to the LINE 1 andLINE 2 ports, and plug the opposite ends into available wall jacks.

You may have to use country-specificphone port adapters.

If you are only using one line, use the LINE 1 port.








Analog telephone cables









(Optional) Connect up to two other analog


devices, using ports PHONE 1 andPHONE 2.


Connect the power supply to the unit.




Plug the other end into a wall outlet.*


Watch for the LEDs on the front of the


unit to flash. The Power LED remains lit.

* Use of a surge-protectorstrip is recommended













7Turn on your computer.

Watch for the LAN Status LED to flash and then remain lit.

This completes the installation. Continue with

“Step 2. Optimizing your computer.” Refer to “Troubleshooting,” page 6 if you experience difficulty. To set up additional

workstations, follow steps 1, 2 and 7, using an additional Ethernet cable (not provided)

for each computer you connect to the LAN Modem.

LAN Status


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ect Du













Before you can configure the LAN Modem for Internet access, each computer must be properly set up with TCP/IP and optimized for use with the LAN Modem. Follow the instructions below for your operating system.

If you already know that you will be connecting to a static IP network, the EZ-LANWizard can attempt to optimize your network settings to allow you to access the initial LAN Modem configuration screens. If you have difficulty, or if you prefer to follow a more detailed manual procedure, refer to the instructions in

Chapter 3 of the User Guide instead of running theEZ-LANWizard.

Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT: Run the EZ-LAN Wizard from the OfficeConnect Dual 56K Companion ProgramsCD-ROM.EZ-LAN checks the settings on your computer and, if you choose, optimizes them for use with the LAN Modem. Be sure to run the EZ-LAN Wizard on all PCs that you plan to network.

Macintosh: Perform this simple check to verify that the settings on your computer or computers are optimized for use with the LAN Modem:

1From the Apple menu, select Control Panels, and thenTCP/IP.

2In the Connect Viafield, select Ethernet(if iMac, select Ethernetbuilt-in).

3Look at the Configure field entry.

If it is set to Using DHCP Server and all other fields are blank or set to <will be supplied by server>, then you are ready to continue directly with Step 2, “Installing the LAN Modem.”

If Configure is set to anything other thanUsing DHCP Server (there are specific values in any of the other fields), your computer may have a static IP address. Refer to Chapter 3 of theUser Guide to perform additional steps not covered in this

Getting Started Guide.





Before You Start the Configuration, have the following information ready:

Your analog telephone number or numbers

ISP telephone number

ISP account user ID

ISP account password (including ISP DNS server address if required)

(Optional) Call Waiting Disable Command (your telephone company can provide this value)

To Configure for Internet Access:

1Launch the Web browser on the computer that you connected to the LAN Modem.

A welcome message appears. (If it does not, refer to “Troubleshooting,” page 6.)

2Click Continue.

The Dual 56K LAN Modem clock synchronizes itself to the date and time on your computer. The Set Password window appears.

3(Optional) Enter a password in the Password field and in the Password (repeat) field to confirm. (Be sure to record this for future use.) A password guards access to the LAN Modem, and is recommended if you will set up dial-inaccess. If you do not want to set a password, leave blank.

4Click Submit.

The Set Country and Telephone Numbers window opens.

5Choose your country from the drop-downlist.

6Enter your analog telephone number(s) including area code and click Continue.

If you chose any country other than the United States, the LAN Modem resets and then returns you to the initial Welcome screen. Continue from Step 2, above.

The ISP Wizard window appears.

7Enter your ISP information. Choose any name for the ISP Name field. If you are not sure about the DNS server address, leave this field blank.

8In the Dial Out Prefix field, enter the number you must dial to reach an outside line from your location, if applicable (for example, “9” for use with a PBX).

9(Optional) In the Call Waiting Disable Command field, enter the value provided by your telephone company.

This is used to prevent incoming calls from interfering with data calls.

10Click Continue.

A call is launched to your ISP, and a message confirming proper configuration appears.

If the call to your ISP does not go through, refer to the troubleshooting section in the User Guide, located on theOfficeConnect Dual 56K LAN Modem Companion CD-ROM.

11Click Continue.

This completes the initial setup and will verify your configuration by placing a test call to the LAN Modem

Support page on 3Com’s World Wide Web site.

12Click Register to register your product.

The ISP Wizard sets your LAN Modem configuration parameters to a typical default. If necessary, you can change these settings by returning to the LAN Modem’s configuration pages. To do so, enter http://3com.oc.lanmodemor your browser.

The connection made as a result of the ISP Wizard will automatically disconnect after seven minutes of inactivity. If you want to manually disconnect the call, access the LAN Modem configuration page and click

Manual Calling.

You can now connect up to three more computers (and/or printers) to your new LAN. If you wish to add more than four users, see “Connecting More Than Four Users,” page 5. To set up a connection to a Private Network or second

ISP, refer to Chapters 6 and 7, respectively, in the User Guide.

For documentation, firmware upgrades, and updated information about your LAN Modem, visit the LAN Modem Support page at any time at http://www.3com.com/support/docs/lanmodem/.





After you have finished configuring your Dual 56K LAN Modem, you can connect an additional Ethernet hub or hubs to the Dual 56K LAN Modem to add up to 25 users. An example of a ten-userconnection is shown.

To connect an additional hub:

1Insert one end of a 10BASE-TEthernet cable

(not included) into any available port on the back of the Dual 56K LAN Modem.

2Insert the opposite end of the cable into one of the 10BASE-TEthernet ports on the Ethernet hub. (If you are connecting to an OfficeConnect Ethernet Hub 8, insert the cable into port 8.)

3If you are connecting to an OfficeConnect Ethernet Hub 8, set the MDI/MDIX switch to

MDI (that is, pressed in).

4Connect additional workstations to any available port.

If the hub to which you are connecting does not have an MDI/MDIX switch, you will need a cross-overEthernet cable.



8 V




































Ethernet Hub 8


























































Dual 56K LAN Modem










E 2







E 2














E 1






















E 1


































Ethernet cable










Use the rubber feet for desktop use. The fourself-adhesiverubber feet prevent your Dual 56K LAN Modem from sliding. Attach the feet to the underside of the LAN Modem in the marked corners.

Use the Stacking Clip to stack two or more OfficeConnect units together securely.

CAUTION: You can stack up to a maximum of four units. Smaller units must be stacked on top of larger units.

To stack two units:

1Place the first unit on a flat surface.

2Fit the clip across the top of the unit, as shown.

The longer end of the fastening pieces should point downward.

3Align the fastening pieces over the slots on each side of the unit, and then push the clip down gently to secure it. Ensure that the fastening pieces snap into the slots.

4Rest the second unit on top of the clip, and align it with the front of the bottom unit.

5Press down gently to secure the top unit onto the clip, ensuring that the fastening pieces fit into the slots,

as shown.

To unstack units, gently pry the top unit away from the clip, and then carefully pull each fastening piece out of its slot to detach the clip from the bottom unit.



























The table below lists symptoms of common problems, possible causes, and possible solutions. For additional troubleshooting information, refer to the User Guide located on the3Com Companion Programs CD-ROM.For FAQs and other technical notes, refer to the LAN Modem web site at:http://www.3com.com/support/docs/lanmodem/


Possible Cause






Web browser does not

Web browser needs the IP


Enter the following URL in your Web browser: http://3com.oc.lanmodem. Alter-

start (the welcome

address of the LAN Modem;


natively, you can enter

message does not

or the browser is not set to a





default start page




Incompatible IP address on


Run the EZ-LANWizard, or refer to Chapter 3 of the User Guide.


your computer.






Reset the IP address on your computer, as follows:

Windows 95 and 98: Runwinipcfg.exe. Select the Ethernet adapter connected to the Dual 56K LAN Modem. ClickRelease All and thenRenew All.

Windows NT 4.0/2000: Run ipconfig /releaseand then ipconfig /renew.

Web browser may be configured to use a proxy server.

There is a configuration problem.

At installation, LAN LED

Wrong cable used to connect

does not light up.

your computer to the LAN


Modem’s LAN port.

At installation, ALERT

An internal failure.

LED remains lit.


Macintosh: From Apple menu, selectControl Panels; thenTCP/IP. In the Connect via field, make sureEthernet is selected. In the Configure field, selectUsing Bootp Server to clear the fields. Close and save changes.Re-opentheTCP/IP control panel, and selectUsing DHCP Server. The fields should now read<will be supplied by server>. SelectFile, thenClose, saving changes.

Set the browser to use the LAN Modem, as follows:

Internet Explorer: From theView menu, chooseInternet Options. Click theConnection tab. Uncheck the box labeledConnect using Proxy server.

Netscape: From theEdit menu, choosePreferences. UnderAdvanced, chooseProxies. Check the box labeledDirect Connection to the Internet.

Reset the Dual 56K LAN Modem to the factory default setting as follows:

Press and release the reset button located on the back of the unit. The Alert LED will begin to flash. While the LED is still flashing, press and continue to hold in the reset button on the back of the unit. (You must continuously hold the reset button through three cycles of LED flashing: Reset, Firmware Download Mode, and Factory Default Reset.) After the ALERT LED has flashed for the third cycle, you have successfully reset the LAN Modem back to factory defaults. Release the reset button.

The LAN Modem reinitializes itself and is reset to the factory defaults. All user-enteredinformation will be erased. Restart your computer and launch your Web browser.

Make sure you are using the RJ-45toRJ-45cable labeledEthernet which was provided with your Dual 56K LAN Modem. If you are using another10BASE-TEthernet (Category 5) cable, it must be astraight-throughcable.

Notify your reseller or technical support that the Dual 56K LAN Modem has failed the self-test.

At installation, ALERT LED continues to flash.

No dial tone when handset of a phone attached to unit is lifted.

Cannot place test call to the Internet

Self-testfailure, or LAN Modem is in firmware download mode

Telephone line cables, power cable, and/or phone cables may not be firmly connected.

Telephone line cables may not be in the correct ports.

Data call may be in progress.

ISP not properly configured.

Phone line not connected.

Power-cyclethe Dual 56K LAN Modem. If the ALERT LED continues to flash, the Dual 56K LAN Modem has failed theself-test.Contact your reseller or technical support. If the ALERT LED is not flashing, then the LAN Modem is now operating correctly.

Check all cables and connectors to ensure that they are inserted securely.

Ensure that the incoming analog telephone line cables have been connected to the ports labeled LINE 1 andLINE 2 on the Dual 56K LAN Modem’s back panel. If using a single analog line, connect to Line 1.

Disconnect any data calls currently in progress.

Confirm your ISP connection settings, such as Username, Password, and telephone number. Follow steps 7-11on page 4.

Check all cables and make sure that telephone line is connected to the Line 1 port.

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