Wayne-Dalton K-AL User Manual


Wayne-Dalton Corp. Upward Acting Sectional Doors Model K-AL Aluminum Full View Specifications

08360/WAY - BuyLine 0261

Note to specifiers: Words in parenthesis indicate options that need to be specified.


1.01 Work Included

A) The sectional doors will be Wayne-Dalton Model K-AL as manufactured by Wayne-Dalton Corp.

1.02 Related Work

A) Opening preparation, miscellaneous or structural metal work, access panels finish or field painting, field electrical wiring, wire, conduit, fuses, and disconnect switches are in the Scope of Work of other divisions or trades.


2.01 Door Sections

A)Will be 2" thick, with large 3" wide stiles and meeting rails, 1-3/8" wide. Top and bottom rails will be 3" wide and of box construction for added strength. The stile and rail material will be 6063T6 extruded aluminum alloy. Stiles and rails will be joined together with self tapping screws. Panels and glass to be sealed with butyl tape and held in place by a snap-in aluminum retainer. Bottom section will have panels of .050" aluminum sheets to match specified color of door. Glazed bottom section is not recommended. Standard finish will be clear anodized. (Consult factory for other colors.)

2.02 Glazing

A) Will be glazed with 1/8" DBS glass. (Also available with 1/2" double insulated SSB). 1/4" glazing also available.

2.03 Track

A) All track, vertical mounting angles and brackets will be commercial quality steel minimum 16 ga. thickness, hot dipped galvanized. Track is (2") (3") standard or as specified. Vertical track to be graduated providing wedge type weathertight closing with (bracket mounting for wood jambs) (continuous angle mounting for wood jambs) (continuous reverse angle mounting to steel jambs), and are fully adjustable to seal door at jambs. Horizontal track will be reinforced with continuous angle of adequate length and gauge to help prevent deflection.

2.04 Hardware

A) All hinges and brackets will be made from hot-dipped galvanized steel. Track rollers will be case hardened inner steel races with 10 ball (2") (3") rollers.

2.05 Counterbalance

A) Springs will be torsion type, low-stress, helical wound, oil tempered spring wire to provide minimum 10,000 cycles of use - or meet specified cycles - on continuous steel shaft; (solid CRS). Spring fittings and drums will be made of die cast, high strength aluminum. Pre-formed galvanized steel aircraft cable will provide a minimum of a 5:1 safety factor. (Long life springs of 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000 cycles may be specified and are recommended for high usage doors).

2.06 Weatherstripping

A) Optional field-installed exterior jamb/perimeter seals are available.

2.07 Locks

A) will engage right-hand vertical track and utilize an interior side lock. (Standard size rim cylinder short lock bar or 2" track only double lock bar that engages both vertical tracks are available.)

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