V-Tech DT37-TD7 User Manual

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Please read this manual carefully before using the product, and keep it well.
1. Parts and Functions
Digital TFT LCD Screen
Menu Button
Talk/MON Button
Unlock Button
Mounting Hook
1 2 3
Key functions
LCD screen Display the visitors' image Unlock button Press to release the door Menu button Press to open the menu shortcuts Talk/Mon button Press to communicate hands free with visitor
Microphone Receive voice from the user Mounting hook Use to hang up the monitor Connection port Bus terminal Speaker Send out vioce from the visitor
Press to view the outdoor condition in standby mode
2. Monitor Mounting
145~160 cm
1. Use the screws to x the Mounting Bracket on the mounting box.(tting accesories includes a Bracket (Two pieces of 4X25 screws are needed for fastening the
Mounting Bracket), Special 2 wire connectors to connect with Monitor)
2. Wire the system correctly(see the later connection chapter) then hang the Monitor
on the Mounting Bracket rmly.
3. Main Menu
Touch the screen anywhere or touch
Menu button on monitor in standby mode, the main menu page will be shown as follows:
4. Basic Door Release Operation
DS-1 00:30
CAM-1 00:30
1. Press CALL button on outdoor station, the
Monitor rings, at the same time, the screen displays the visitors' image.
2. Press TALK/MON Button on monitor or
touch icon on screen, you can communicate hands free with the visitor for 90 seconds.After
nishing communication,press TALK/MON button again or touch icon to end the communication. If nobody answers the phone, the screen will be turned off
automatically after 30 seconds.
3. During talking state, Press UNLOCK Button or touch icon to open the
door for the visitor.(if two locks are connected to door camera,touch unlock 2nd icon to release the second lock )
4. When the monitor is in standby mode, press TALK/MON button(or touch
Monitor item on main menu page), The screen can display the view of outside.
Or touch Manual Monitor icon on main menu to get into the door camera switching mode, if multi door stations are installed, you can press the door 1/2/3/4
to monitor the door station or CCTV camera you want.press Home icon to exit and enter main menu page.
Note: if the system connect 2 wire camera via camera controller, press the camera
1/2/3/4 to monitor the camera you want.
press Home icon to exit and enter main menu page.
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