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2-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0


User’s Manual

Model: UGT-UC302CB

Rev. 1.0

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The Vantec 2-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34 upgrades any laptop computer to the newest USB 3.0 standard. Whether you have an ExpressCard/34 slot or an ExpressCard/54 slot, the Vantec 2-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ExpressCard will fit either slot with the bonus adapter that is included. Integrated with the latest SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology, transferring files to an USB 3.0 external hard disk is faster than ever with transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps. Back up important data such as HD video, high resolution photos to an external USB 3.0 in a fraction amount of time. Backwards compatible, the 2-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34 allows the use of USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices making this card truly versatile. Upgrading your laptop to the newest USB 3.0 technology has never been so easy with the Vantec 2-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34.

Features and Benefits

Blazing Fast Tranfer Speeds of up to 5Gbps

10x Faster than USB 2.0

Two USB 3.0 Ports to Support Multiple Devices

Supports ExpressCard/34 and ExpressCard/54 Notebooks

Supports Hot-Swap: Plug & Play devices without Rebooting

Backwards Compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 Devices

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Model: UGT-UC302CB

Ports: 2 x External USB 3.0 Ports (Backwards Compatible with USB 2.0 & 1.1)

Dimensions: 116 x 40 x 15mm (w/o ExpressCard/54 Adapter)

116 x 54 x 18mm (w/ ExpressCard/54 Adapter)

OS Support: Microsoft Windows® XP/Vista/7 (32/64 bit)

System Requirements

Windows® XP/Vista/7 (32/64 bit)

CD-ROM drive may be needed for drivers.

ExpressCard/34 enabled computer system w/ available ExpressCard/34 slot.

ExpressCard/54 enabled computer system w/ available ExpressCard/54 slot.

Package Contents

2-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34

x 1

34mm to 54mm Adapter

x 1

User’s Manual

x 1

Driver CD

x 1


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Before installing the Vantec 2-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34, please see the photo below highlighting the

available USB 3.0 ports of the card.










P1 & P2: USB 3.0 Ports






P3: ExpressCard Connector





P4: 34mm to 54mm Adapter



P5: Standard 5V Power Port (optional)

Hardware Installation


Before installing the 2-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0



ExpressCard/34, make sure the laptop is powered off


before installing the ExpressCard.



Verify and make sure you have an empty ExpressCard


slot avaliable and confirm whether the ExpressCard Slot


is either a 34 or 54mm slot.

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Hardware Installation

3.If you have an ExpressCard/34 slot, please proceed and skip to Step 5. If you have an ExpressCard54 Slot please be sure to install the adapter that is provided.

4.Take the adapter and slide the metal latch out and attach the adapter to the 2-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34.





34mm to 54mm Adapter Installation

5.Carefully slide in the 2-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34 into the empty ExpressCard slot.

6.USB 3.0 drivers are needed for the ExpressCard to work correctly so please remember to install the USB 3.0 driver that are on the included driver cd or it can be downloaded


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from our website


Hardware Installation

7.You have successfully installed the 2-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34.

Driver Installation

1.Please follow the following steps for driver installation.

2.When you are booting up the laptop with the new hardware installed, Windows will automatically detect and display the 'Found New Hardware Wizard'.

3.Cancel the automatic driver installation and run the Setup.exe located on the Driver CD. Setup.exe can also be downloaded from our website

4.Run installer setup.exe on Driver CD X:\UGT-UC302CB\. (where X is the drive path for your CD-ROM drive)

5.When installation of the driver is complete, please reboot the system to complete the driver installation.

Note: When drivers have been successfully installed, you may check if installation was successful within Device Manager and will be shown as “NEC Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller”.


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The 2-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34 comes with a 1 year limited warranty (90 day parts). If your unit becomes defective within that time frame, please go to for information on how to receive warranty exchange or repair. Cosmetic defects and missing parts are not covered under this warranty. Please check the contents of the unit to make sure you received all parts. Also, check for any cosmetic flaws. If any parts are missing or if there are cosmetic defects, please contact the retailer from which you purchased the unit immediately and ask for a replacement.

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