Unisar BR101 User Manual



Thank you for purchasing the BébéSounds® Ear Thermometer. This thermometer will enable you to take an accurate temperature in just one second.

The ear thermometer is a delicate electronic device designed to measure body temperature. This thermometer provides you with accurate and reliable temperature readings by detecting infrared heat from the eardrum. The eardrum reflects the body’s temperature because it shares blood vessels with the part of the brain that controls body temperature.

Temperature readings from an ear thermometer are considered to be as accurate as those taken orally. Please keep in mind that body temperature will differ based on a person’s age and the time of day when it is taken. Temperature will also vary from ear to ear. Therefore, for best results, temperature should be taken from the same ear whenever possible.

Use of this ear thermometer should not replace a visit to your doctor. It is recommended that you advise your doctor any time a temperature is above 100°F/37.8°C.




No probe cover needed

Probe can be wiped clean with water or alcohol

Each temperature reading takes only 1 second

A second temperature reading can be taken after just 5 seconds

512 temperature scanning sequences per second ensure reliable accuracy

Ergonomic design makes the thermometer comfortable and easy to use

Stores and recalls last 10 readings

Small and lightweight design makes it ideal for home use and traveling

Powers off automatically after one minute of non-use to ensure a long battery life for at least 5,000 measurements

Easy to read LCD display

Temperature shown in Fahrenheit (F) or Celsius (C)

The Ear Thermometer is a Personal Care Product and cannot be returned to the retailer. All exchange and refund requests should be directed to the BébéSounds® Help Desk

at 1-888-232-6476

Mon-Fri from 9:00AM – 5:00PM EST



(See diagram below)

1. Replace the battery when the “low battery” warning symbol appears.

2.Slide the battery compartment lid off.

3.Insert one 3-volt CR-2032 lithium battery with the anode (+) facing up.

4.Replace the battery compartment lid by sliding it forward.


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