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Model #BR112

Instruction Manual

Manual de Instrucciones

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Thank you for purchasing the BébéSounds® 5- Second 3-Way Digital Thermometer. This thermometer will provide you with safe, quick, and accurate temperature readings.

Our thermometer is designed to measure body temperature in three ways – orally, rectally, or under the arm (axillary). It will provide you with an oral or rectal reading in 5 seconds and an axillary reading in 20 seconds. Please keep in mind that body temperatures will differ based on a person’s age and the time of day it is taken. If you are monitoring your child’s temperature, please be sure to use the same method of measurement when comparing several readings.

Important: the use of this thermometer should not replace a visit to your doctor. It is recommended that you advise your doctor any time a temperature is above 100˚F/37.8˚C.

Battery Cover

Mode Button


Protective Cover

On/Off Button

Thermometer Tip


Oral, Rectal, and Axillary (underarm) Temperature Ranges

Normal body temperature varies from person to person and depends on factors such as age, gender, physical activity, environmental temperature, and time of day. Normal oral temperatures may range from 95.9˚F/35.5˚C to 100.4˚F/37.8˚C. An oral temperature can also be as much as 0.9˚F/0.5˚C lower than a rectal reading and 0.9˚F/0.5˚C higher than an axillary reading. Please keep this in mind when monitoring your child’s temperature.


Please follow these instructions to insure the most accurate reading possible.

For First Time Use

The first time you use the thermometer press the Mode (M) button to select the method of measurement and the reading in Fahrenheit (F) or Centigrade (C). Be sure to do this before you turn the thermometer on. Each time you press the Mode button a different measurement method will appear on the screen. Stop when the desired method appears. You will only need to follow this step after the first use if you want to change the method of measurement.

How to Use

1.Remove the protective cover.

2.Follow the instructions for “First Time Use” ONLY if you want to change the measurement method

3.Press the ON/OFF button (). You will hear a beep and the thermometer will self-test for about 2 seconds.


You will hear a second beep when the selftest is completed. After the first use, the prior reading and a figure indicating the last measurement method will automatically appear after the second beep. Each time you turn the thermometer on it will automatically default to the same method as the prior reading.

4.The thermometer is ready to use when the Fahrenheit/Centigrade (F/C) symbol is flashing.

5.Turn off the thermometer after use by pressing the ON/OFF button. If you forget to turn it off it will automatically shut off after 1 minute.

6.IMPORTANT: If the thermometer senses an ambient temperature of 86˚F/30˚C the word ON will appear on the screen immediately after displaying the last reading. This will occur if the temperature of the room where you store it is over 86˚F/30˚C or if you want to take a second reading immediately. If ON appears, simply press the ON/OFF button again and take your temperature reading. In this case the F/C symbol will not be flashing.

7.Clean the tip with alcohol before and after each use.

8.Replace the protective cover after each use and keep it on when storing the thermometer.


Do not immerse the thermometer in water.

Clean the tip with alcohol after each measurement.

Wait 30 minutes after physical exercise, bathing, eating, or drinking before taking a temperature reading.

Do not expose the thermometer to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, dust, or electricity.

For Oral Measurement

Keep your mouth closed for 5 minutes before taking the temperature. Place the tip under the tongue at the back of the mouth. For the most accurate read, place the tip as far back under the tongue as possible. Press the tongue down over

Ö = correct areas

x = incorrect areas


the tip, and close your mouth. Hold the thermometer steady keeping the tip in the same position for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds you will hear a beep indicating the measurement is complete. NOTE: If the tip is not placed in the proper position the temperature reading can be as much as 1.2˚F/0.7˚C lower than one taken in the correct position.

For Rectal Measurement

Lubricate the tip of the thermometer with a watersoluble jelly for easier insertion. Gently slide the tip no more than 1/2 inch (12 mm) into the rectum.

Hold the thermometer in place for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds you will hear a beep indicating the measurement is complete. If you want to use the thermometer in another mode after using it rectally, be sure to clean it very thoroughly with alcohol. NOTE: If you detect any resistance when inserting the thermometer, stop immediately.

For Axillary (Underarm) Measurement

Make sure the underarm is dry and there is no material between the side and the arm. Hold the arm close to the side for 5 minutes before taking a temperature reading. Point the thermometer upward and place the tip well in the underarm.

Hold the thermometer with the tip slightly bent and the arm firmly pressed against the side for about 20 seconds. You will hear a beep when the temperature reading is complete.

Battery Installation

The BébéSounds® 5-Second 3-Way Thermometer includes one CR1225 3V Lithium battery already installed. The approximate life of this battery is

5 years. When a low battery symbol appears on the LCD display follow these instructions for changing the battery.


1.Pull out the battery cover from the end of the thermometer.

2.Remove the battery using a non-metallic tool.

3.Install a new CR1225 3V Lithium battery with the positive side (+) facing up.


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