Ultra Products ULT33165 User Manual


Ultra BOX

XPRESS 200 Socket 775 Barebone

Ultra Box XPRESS 200 Socket 775 Barebone

The perfect combination of power and performance lightweight, compact package. By using the popular MicroFly rock-solid Ultra power supplies and bleeding edge

we offer an excellent value with great upgrade potential. Our

775 Intel barebones system uses the latest, micro ATX, ATI

XPress 200 based motherboard, featuring a PCI-e x16 slot, 10/100 LAN, 8 channel audio and two DDR memory expandable to 2GB. An ample V-Series 400W power included with custom length cables to ensure neat



-D101GGCL Socket 775 Motherboard

-400 Watt V-Series Power Supply

-MicroFly Micro ATX Case

-120mm Rear Exhaust Fan

-80mm Front Intake Fan

Ultra Box XPRESS 200 Socket 775 Barebone

Part #: ULT33165


UPC#: 022769331652


Dimensions: 15”x11.25”x9”