Ultra Products ULT40033 User Manual


Rapid AA/AAA Battery Charger

w/ 4 2500mAh AA Batteries

Rapid Battery Charger Plus 4 AA NiMh Rechargeable Batteries

This fast, portable battery charger is perfect for recharging up to 8 Nickel Metal Hydride or Nickel Cadmium batteries! Featuring an easily decipherable LCD screen that displays the status of charging batteries, this is one of the most easy to use battery chargers on the market! Capable of charging both AA and AAA battery types, this versatile tool charges whatever combination of batteries you need quickly! Best of all, this product also discharges rechargeable batteries that may be holding a slight bit of electricity! Aside from being a nuisance when seemingly full batteries deliver only half a charge, these excess charges can also lead to shorter viable battery life in your rechargeables! The Ultra Rapid Charger is the perfect, affordable solution for those who use rechargeable batteries.


·Chemistry: NiMH

·Capacity: 2500 mAh

(32% Longer Lasting than Standard Rechargeable Batteries )

·For use with the following:

-Digital Cameras

-CD Players

-MP3 Players

-Portable Radios

-and all other electronic equipment using AA batteries

·Charge Time: 3 Hours

(5 Hours for high capacity 2500 mAh batteries)


·Quick Charging Time

·Works with AA or AAA Batteries

·Includes 4 2500mAh AA Batteries

·100% Memory Free - Partial charges will not reduce batteries'

capacity through memory build-up



Quick AA/AAA Battery Charger

Includes 4 2500mAh AA Batteries


Part #: ULT40033


UPC#: 022769400334