Ultra Products Wizard, Mid-Tower ATX Cases Wizard User Manual


Wizard Mid-Tower ATX Cases

Wizard ATX Mid-Tower Cases

In the red-hot gaming market, The Wizard will quickly become the best-selling case of all time! When it comes to performance – no case can match the Wizard’s versatility, expandability, durability and airflow technology. Available in your choice of outrageous colors, the magnificent Wizard is compatible with all the leading motherboards including AT, Baby AT, ATX and Micro ATX. With 7 expansion slots and 8 drive bays (4 external and 5 internal), the Wizard leaves you plenty of room to grow. Connecting all your peripherals is fast and convenient with high-speed USB and FireWire ports located on the front bezel of this extreme PC case. The Wizard’s large front-panel vent system allows maximum airflow, the front swing-out bezel cover can be locked for security, and the side panel features quick-release hardware. Includes two case fan mounts.

CPU Air Duct

Side Panel VGA Vent

Rear 120mm Exhaust Fan Bay

Drive Bays


Wizard ATX Mini-Tower Case Unit

Part #: ULT31580 UPC#: 022769315805 Weight: 17 lbs

Dimensions: 10x21.9x18.5"


Wizard ATX Mini-Tower Case Unit

Part #: ULT31584 UPC#: 022769315843 Weight: 17 lbs.

Dimensions: 10x21.9x18.5"

Black w/ UV Green

Wizard ATX Mini-Tower Case Unit

Part #: ULT31582 UPC#: 022769315829 Weight: 17 lbs.

Dimensions: 10x21.9x18.5"

MS Blue w/ UV Blue

Wizard ATX Mini-Tower Case Unit

Part #: ULT31586 UPC#: 022769315867 Weight: 17 lbs.

Dimensions: 10x21.9x18.5"

Expansion Slots












































· Color: Black

· Expansion Slots: 7 Standard Slots

· Dimensions:

· Case Fan Mounts:

- Depth: 19"

1 - 80mm

- Width: 7.8"

1 - 120mm

- Height: 16"

· LEDs:

· Drive Bay:

- Green - Power

3 - 5.25" Bays with Easy-Pull

- Orange - Hard Drive Access

Port Covers

· Switches:

6 - Removable 3.5" Bays

- Power

(1 External and 5 Internal )

- Reset

· Material: Steel

· Front Swing-out Bezel Cover

· Form Factor:

with Lock

- AT

· Quick Release Side Panel with

- Baby AT

Lock and Exhaust Fan


· Large Front Panel Vent

- Micro ATX








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