SMC Networks Barricade g Wireless Travel Voice Gateway SMCWTVG User Manual

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Steps to configure

SMCWTVG Analog Telephone Adaptor

Configuration Guide


This guide shows how to configure SMCWTVG Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) so you can use the Owtalk service. But first you must be an Owtalk subscriber.

SMC ATA can be available in preconfigured mode, labeled as Owtalk Preconfigured on the surface of the packaging box. Under the preconfigured mode, all Owtalk SIP account information are pre-programmed,you don’t need to go through the following procedures. Please refer to Appendix A on how to activate an Owtalk preconfigured device.

Steps to self-configure


1Sign up for Owtalk at to get your selfconfiguration information for SMC ATA.

2Plug the power cord and connect the WAN port on the back of the ATA to your cable/ADSL modem, router, or broadband Internet connection.

3The factory default network setting of most of the ATA is set as DHCP mode, i.e. the device obtains the IP address automatically from the network. Follow the steps below if your ATA is in DHCP mode. Otherwise please refer to the device user manual on how to configure your device to connect to a LAN or Internet under Static IP or PPPoE mode.

4Connect your traditional landline phone to the ATA.

Open Internet Explorer (or any other) web browser on your computer.

Enter the default IP address of the ATA in the address field. Please type

5 in the address field.

Enter smcamdin in the field of Password. ClickLogin.


Click VOIP and thenSIP Settings to enter the SIP Configuration. The configuration information is available in theself-configurationtab in

7 after sign-up or click View SIP Account Configurationin Owtalk My Accountpage.

Fill in the 10-digitsOwtalk SIP User Name in the field of Number and User ID /


Fill in the Owtalk SIP Password in the field of Password and Confirm Password. Fill in the Owtalk SIP Proxy/Server in the field of Proxy Server IP / Domain.

8The SIP port number is set at 6060. For the remaining tabs, you can accept the default settings, or you change them to suit your setup. And then clickSave andApply.

9After the ATA set up procedure is complete, the device is ready for use and you can now receive and make outgoing calls.

Appendix A

Owtalk Preconfigured


To activate your Owtalk preconfigured device, you need to obtain an activation number. Go to My Account aftersign-upfor Owtalk at PressPort to Preconfigured and clickNext to get the activation number.

Simply dial the activation number after connecting your ATA to your cable/ADSL modem, router, or broadband Internet connection. Your ATA is then all set and ready for use.