Senco HN250 User Manual

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Fastening Solutions

A powered collated fastening solution for installing all kinds of metal framing hardware targeting framing contractors, deck builders, and in-plant personnel.



Joist Hangers

Foundation Anchors

Seismic and Hurricane Straps and Ties

Post Caps and Bases

Other Metal Framing Hardware

Features and Benefits:

Simple and fast operation – saves hours over hand nailing

Small size for access and maneuverability

Lightweight at just 4.8 lbs. - means less fatigue than hand nailing

Nail point protrudes so nails go in the hole every time

Easy rear load magazine with load and cock operation

Durable comfort grip reduces worker fatigue

• Belt hook included

Includes case, fitting, wrenches, and oil

1 year warranty


Joist Hanger Nailer


Item Code: 3Z0001N

Weight: 4.8 lbs. (2.18 kg)

Length: 12" (304.8 mm)

Width: 4" (101.6 mm)

Height: 11" (279.4 mm)

Magazine Capacity: 30

Operating Pressure: 50-120 psig

Fastener Specifications:

The HN250 drives 1½" & 2½" x .131", .148" and .162" shanks; in both bright basic and hot dipped finishes

Standard tensile (NOT heat treated or stiff stock)

Paper tape collated FRH nails

1 ½" packed 2M per carton; 2 ½" packed 1.5M per carton

11/2 (38.1 mm)

21/2 (63.5 mm)


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