Senco FramePro 752XP User Manual

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XtremePro3½" Framing/Sheathing FRH Nailer

The FramePro 752XP FRH nailers are designed with the Pro in mind. XtremePro™ models have improved internal and external features for improved durability and comfort, and more than enough power to drive the wide range of full round head nails, even common nails and an in-line magazine—all backed by a five-year limited warranty that makes the XP series the choice of Pros.

Tool Specifications:




1034 in/lbs

Tool Weight:

8.75 lbs (3.97 kg)


14¼" (361.95 mm)


20" (508 mm

Nail Capacity:


Reg. Operating Pressure: 70-120 psig

Mode of Operation: Available with either Dual Action or Restrictive Trigger activating mechanisms.

Fastener Specifications:

FramePro 752XP nailer drives 2¼" – 3½" smooth shank nails (Sencote® or plain) and 3" ring shank nails. Shank diameters include .120, .131, .148 and .162 (Common Nails).


Framing, truss building, subflooring, sheathing, decking, siding, fencing, pallets and crate assembly


Features and Benefits:

Upgraded XtremePro internal features include: anodized sleeve for additional strength and durability; urethane sleeve cap protects sleeve from wear; fixed firing valve improves tool life and speed

Comfort and convenience features include: overmold comfort grip, overmold trigger, 360° adjustable exhaust, rafter hanger and construction ruler

Aggressive sawtooth safety that really digs in for toenailing

20° in-line magazine provides excellent maneuverability and line of sight

Depth-of-drive control and EZ-Clear

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XtremePro3½" Framing/Sheathing FRH Nailer

360° Adjustable Exhaust

Ergonomic Design –

Superb balance for use all day

5-Year Limited

Warranty –

XP Durability

EZ-Clear Mechanism –

Minimizes time freeing jammed nails

Dry Fire Lockout –

Prevents dry firing, missed operations and

signals when to reload

Aggressive Toenail Safety –

Teeth grip studs with real bite for precise positioning

FramePro®752XP provides 15% more power than the FramePro®702XP

Comfort Overmold Grip

Overmold Trigger

Resilient grip reduces


vibration and fatigue


No-Mar Pad –

Protects work surface

Adjustable Depth-of-Drive –

Drives nails to a consistent and controllable depth

Rafter Hanger

Rear Two-Step Loading –

Quick and easy for right or left handers

Construction Ruler –

For quick measurements

In-line Magazine –

Better line of sight for right and left handers improves balance and reduces fatigue

Choose the right trigger system for your specific needs!

Sequential Actuation Trigger (also known as restrictive trigger or trigger fire) operates in the following a sequence - depress the safety element at the nose of tool against the work surface then pull the trigger. After each fastener is driven, release the trigger and lift the tool off the work surface before starting the sequence again. This trigger is recommended and acceptable for most applications.

Contact Actuation Trigger (also known as dual action, bounce or bottom fire) operates in the following sequencepull the trigger first and keep the trigger pulled while moving the tool along the work surface with a bouncing motion, depressing the safety element at the nose of the tool against the work surface where the fastener is to be driven. This trigger is recommended for use by trained professionals only in high production or volume applications.

Always read the Operators Manual and Safety Instructions with all tools to ensure proper use and safety precautions. For additional information on trigger systems and how SENCO will save you time, reduce costs, and increase quality, call our toll-free Action Line: 800-543-4596 to find your nearest Authorized Senco Dealer, Distributor or visit our web site at:

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