Quick Fuel Technology Methanol Main Body to E85 Calibration User Manual

Quick Fuel Technology Methanol Main Body to E85 Calibration User Manual

Methanol Main Body to E85 Calibration Instructions

To properly utilize your new carburetor main body please follow these simple step-by-step instructions. Please use proper safety precautions when handling gasoline or similar fuels.

1.After removing the carburetor from the engine, drain all gasoline from the fuel bowls. This can be accomplished by removing one of the lower fuel bowl screws and allowing the fuel to drain into an approved container. With a funnel, turn the carburetor upside down; activate the throttle several times to drain the fuel out of the accelerator pump cavities.

2.In order for your new carburetor to run properly using E85 fuel you must convert your new main body from its standard methanol calibration to the desired E85 calibration. First install the supplied #40 squirters in place of the original ones followed by the 0.028” high speed air bleed (these are the bleeds closest to the squirter) followed by the 0.063” idle air bleed.

3.Before proceeding any further, you should check to be certain that your new carburetor main body will fit your carburetor. With your carburetor upside down, measure the diameter of the venturi at its lowest point (where it attaches to the throttle body). This measurement should be equal to that of your existing throttle body, i.e. 1.69” or 1.75”

4.Once the fuel bowl has been emptied, you can now remove the remaining three fuel bowl screws.

5.With the fuel bowl screws removed attempt to separate the fuel bowl, metering block from the main body. If these components cannot be removed by hand it is likely your carburetor has been assembled with

“sticky” adhesive coated gaskets.

6.Separating these components can be somewhat difficult but not impossible. With a soft-faced hammer, tap repeatedly on the sides of the fuel bowl and metering block in an effort to break the gasket seal. If this method proves to be unsuccessful it will then become necessary to pry the components apart. This is a last resort, when all other methods fail. Wedge a large blade, common tip screwdriver between the air cleaner ring and the center the metering block. With a gentle rocking motion, push the metering block away from the main body. Once the fuel bowl

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