Peerless-AV FPECMI-04 - Sell Sheet User Manual





Indoor/Outdoor Tilting I-beam Mount


for Protective Enclosures (FPE42(H)-S, FPE47(H)-S & FPE55(H)-S)




Peerless Indoor/Outdoor Tilting I-beam Mount is made from robust, corrosion resistant materials,



primed with special e-coat and comes with stainless steel hardware, designed to last in virtually


any environment. This mount expedites and simplifies indoor and outdoor installations with hook-


and-hang set-up and viewing angle adjustment. It is the ideal solution for mounting a Protective


Enclosure to an I-beam for any entertainment and digital signage installation.

Screen size: 40"-55"

Max load: 400lb (181kg)


For indoor or outdoor use


Constructed from corrosion


resistant materials, coated


with a special e-coat and


comes with stainless steal


hardware to endure the


harshest environments


Incremental tilt settings from

I-beam Compatibility

0° to 20° to find the perfect

Adjustable I-beam adapter

viewing angle

supports flange size variation

Adjustable I-beam adapter supports installation to

I-beams with flange width of 5.45" min and 12.45" max

Available in 1 to 4 foot pole length options for varied

drop down requirements







Display Height Options












360° lock-in-place swivel







Four pole length options






available for varied drop

makes it easy to set the



Angle Flexibility




down display height needs



Incremental tilt




perfect viewing angle









settings enable the





without having to adjust









best viewing angle





the ceiling base





















Simple Set-up

Hook-and-hang design helps attach enclosure to mount and hold the weight load while fine tuning adjustments

For use with Peerless Protective

Enclosures, sold separately








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