OPTI-UPS SP8H, SP8L, SP4L, SP2L User Manual

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Series UPS Series Series

Surge Series Inverter Series AVR Series On Line UPS Line Interactive Standby UPS

* SP8L

* SP4L

* SP8H


Smart Power Series - SP2L / SP4L / SP8H / SP8L

Remote Control Surveillance Management System


*Control Power Switch of Remote Equipment via network or phone voice to replace the presence of the personnel

*LED face board to inspect current equipment ID, Main Current and each Router Current directly

*Execute Power On / Off Reboot via console to manage its performance

*Detect whether two sets of power circuit are normal automatically

*It can be linked with 16 sets monitors at maximum to control up to 128 sets of connected devices

*It can be attached temperature detector to control the power switch according to environment change

*It is equipped with overloading electric breaking protector to avoid overloading to cause device damage

*Support nearby Manual Power Switch

*Support Wake on Ring function. ATX equipment can be started normally

*Provide 20 sets of accounts and passwords for your own setting to manage different power switches

*Record the user’s operating message and abnormal message to provide the user to check the case afterwards

*Support Power Start sequence setting to prevent all of switches from starting simultaneously to cause sudden overloading and effect equipment working

*Provide API interface. The manager can develop the control software by himself

*Support Windows, Linux to execute the safety shutdown and avoid system damage

*Pre-set Switch Start Time and arrange the working schedule for power supply

*Each rout can detect UPS low power signal to provide safety shutdown management for the equipment

*Detect whether the power current of all routes are normal or not to avoid current overloading to damage the device

*By brief message and email warning to practice the instant surveillance and warning to important equipment

*Provide remote net firmware to renew the function

*Provide the function of IP and MAC address filter that prevent unauthorized user from access the device

Digital Monitor PDU for the cabinet of Datacenter


*The Master or Slave that setup in the cabinet can connect up to 6 unit PDU

*The Master/Slave RJ45 socket in the back end can connect 6 PDU

*The Master/Slave has 6 button that sign 1-6 separately. It can check all connected PDU’s current. The scan button can show every connected PDU’s current alternately

*The Master/Slave build-in the sensor of temperature/humidity and show it on LCD panel. Administrator can learned about temperature/humidity of cabinet from LCD panel

*Every Slave can daisy-chain to Master by the RJ11 PORT(UP&DOWN) in the front end.

Any of Slave breakdown don’t affect other Slave’s data transmitter, all Slave’s data will bypass to the Master


Green Power



Central monitor software