OPTI-UPS AV Mate Junior User Manual

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* AV Mate Junior

AV Mate Junior


*90° rotating cord with strain relief design. It offers flexible positioning of unit and power cable

*USA Type Green Power Surge Protector

*Sleek and graceful design Fits nicely into today’s modern home/office

*Safety shutdown technology Uses thermal fuses to power off your system, which protects against fire and other damage in the event of an extreme, extended over voltage or when surge protection expires

*Surge protection to provide a safety power to avoid damage from surge strike

*3 always on (Unswitch) outlets with LED are used to protect device that require constant power

*External IR remote control connector (Optional)

*RJ11/6P2C (1-out) telephone line protection. RJ45/8P8C (1 in / 1-out) combo network surge protection jacks

*DSS/Coax connector for surge protection It provides protection from surges on cable, DSS, and cable modem installations


Model Name

AV Mate Junior

Electrical Rating

15A, 125VAC, 60Hz, 1875 Watts

Surge Lines Protected

3-Line (L-N, L-G, N-G)

UL Clamping Voltage

UL 1449 330V

Surge Energy Joule Rating

6480 Joules

EMI/RFI Noise Filter

Frequency: 150KHz-100MHz


Attenuation: Up to 75dB

Maximum Spike Current

432000 Amps (3 line total)

Response Time

< 1 nanosecond

Max. Spike Voltage




Front Panel Rear Panel

























































IR (Interface)
















DSS/Coax Connector

3 Always on

Grounded Outlets








For Surge Protection

(Unswitch) Outlets

(European Type Available)

IR Power LED LED Display AC Power LED











Series Series UPS Series Series

Green Power Surge Series Inverter Series AVR Series On Line UPS Line Interactive Standby UPS