OPTI-UPS Charger Station User Manual.pdf

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Charger Station Series

Easy and convenience to use on desktop

Charger Station / Silicone Power Battery / Power Bank /

Master/Slave / Dual Green Power

Charger Station

* Charger Station






* Surge protection-1080 Joules

* Foldable design for easy pack & stow conveniently

* 4 AC outlets with 2 ports USB charger

* Surge circuit shut down and auto power shut down

* 15A, 125VAC, 60Hz, 1875 Watts

* 6 FT SJT 14AWG x 3C heavy duty power cord with

* 2-in-1 rocker switch w/15A overload resettable circuit breaker

* 180 deg USA plug CC-002

* LED indicator for surge protected and grounded



Model Name

Electrical Rating

Surge Lines Protected

UL Clamping Voltage

Surge Energy Joule Rating

Maximum Spike Current

Response Time

Max. Spike Voltage

USB Ports

Charger Station

15A, 125VAC, 60Hz, 1875 Watts 3-Line (L-N, L-G, N-G)

UL 1449 330V

1080 Joules

72000 Amps (3 line total) < 1 nanosecond


USB Ver. 2.0 Bus-Powered Mode Build-In 2 ports Downstream USB Ports

Optional 2 ports USB charger or extra single outlet for iPod USB power adaptor

Surge Protection To provide a safety power to avoid damage from surge strike

2-in-1 switch integrated with 15amp overload resettable circuit breaker

Protected indicator red light indicates your surge protection is working properly

Guiding Grooves &

Holes Design Clutter

Free Cable / Line


4 Outlets charger station provides AC power for chargeable devices

Beveled panel with skid-resistant surface

Guiding grooves &holes design clutter free cable / line configuration

Grounded Indicator Green light Indicates your electrical wiring is properly grounded

Foldable design for easy pack & stow conveniently

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