Nuance DRAGON NATURALLYSPEAKING 6-QUICK REFERENCE CARD, Dragon NaturallySpeaking - 6.0 User Manual

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Quick Reference Card


SAY . . . TO . . .

Navigating / New Line, Paragraph

“New Line”

Press the Enter key once

“New Paragraph”

Press the Enter key twice

“Space Bar”

Press the Space key

“Tab Key”

Press the Tab key

“Go to Bottom”

Move the insertion point to the


end of your document

“Insert Before ...” or

Move the insertion point

“Insert After

before or after certain text

<word or words>”

to insert text there

Selecting Text


“Select <word

Select a particular

or words>”

word or words to replace,


correct, or format. Example:


“Select Mary had a little lamb”

“Select Again”

Select the same word or words


again but in a different place



“Bold That”

Apply bold to selected text

“Italicize That”

Apply italics to selected text

“Underline That”

Apply underlining to selected text

“Restore That”

Remove formatting from


selected text

“Cap <word>”

Start the next word with a capital.


Example: “Cap hot Cap dog”


= Hot Dog

“All Caps <word>”

Type the next word in all capitals.


Example: “All Caps yikes”



SAY . . .

TO . . .

Cutting / Pasting / Deleting Text

“Copy That”

Copy selected text

“Cut That”

Cut selected text

“Paste That”

Paste cut or copied text

“Scratch That”

Delete the last thing


you said

Inserting Basic Punctuation

“Period” or “Full stop” .



“Question mark”


“Exclamation mark”









“Open quote”

“Close quote”

“Open parenthesis”


“Close parenthesis”


For more punctuation, see the online Help or the Dragon NaturallySpeaking®6 User’s Guide.

Accessing Sample Commands

“What Can I Say?”

Bring up a partial list of available


commands that work in the


active application

For more commands, from the Tools menu, click Command Browser, or see

in your user’s guide.

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