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IB0820/1020 ON 22” S-SERIESBINS(S-320/420)

Installation Instructions

1.Set adapter on top of the bin. Be sure to position the adapter with the backside flange tight to bin.

2.Using the slotted holes in the adapter as a template, drill two (2) 9/64” diameter holes at the bottom of the slots. NOTE: Do not drill deeper than 1/4” past the sheet metal. Use a drill stop!

3.Fasten adapter to dispenser using the two (2) #8 screws supplied with the adapter kit.

4.Set the ice machine on top of the adapter. Align holes in ice machine front angle with the rivnuts on the adapter.

5.Secure the ice machine to the adapter with two (2) #8-32thumbscrews supplied with the ice machine.


Two (2) Places


#8 Screw

Two (2) Places

Manitowoc 22”