Lumex Syatems FREEDOM 80500 User Manual.pdf

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Freedom Walker

Item 80500


(1)Partially assembled walker frame, outriggers, adjustable seat and gate

(1) PVC back section with mesh vinyl backrest sling

(4) Four caster wheels (2 braking / 2 non-braking)

(2) Two each parallel arms

(4)Four safety wire lock pins, pins are to secure the adjustable height section

(1) Adjustable safety belt

(14)Fourteen (14) each ½" stainless steel screws (2 each for the back section, 4 each for the caster section, 8 each for the out-riggers)

(6)Six each 1" stainless steel screws (4 each for the adjustable arm section, 2 each for the swing gate)

Assembly Instructions:

Step 1

Remove partially assembled walker from shipping container/box.

Step 2

Caster Assembly and Outriggers:

1.Install one caster into each of the female fittings on the bottom frame section.

2.Secure each caster by inserting one ½" screw into the pre-drill pilot hole on the female fitting and tighten with a Phillips screwdriver.

3.Insert the outrigger into each side of the walker next to the casters. The front section of the outrigger (three way fitting) must connect into the front section (four way fitting on the frame). Secure the outrigger with one ½" stainless steel screw. Insert the vertical support legs into the outrigger (4 each of leg piping). Secure each vertical support leg with one ½" stainless steel screw.

Step 3

Adjustable Seat:

1.Align bottom of the seat section fittings with the top of the 1" PVC pipe that extends out from the lower base near the casters. Slide the 1" PVC pipe vertically into the seat section until the last vertical adjustable hole is exposed. The four safety wire lock pins fit into each fitting that accommodates the 1" PVC pipe. The (T) fittings and the four (FOUR WAY) fitting takes 1 safety wire lock pin to secure the 1" PVC pipe from moving.

2.Connect the seat section with the bottom half of the 1" PVC pipe. The 1" PVC pipe needs to be secure with the fittings located above the casters.

3.Secure the 1" PVC pipe and with 1 each of the 1" stainless steel screws.


Step 4

Parallel Arms:

1.Facing the walker, insert the right side arm into the front section (T) fitting and back section (FOUR WAY) fitting. Insert the left side arm into the front section with the red strap into the (T) fitting, back section insert into the (FOUR WAY) fitting.

2.Secure both arms with 1 each of the 1" stainless steel screws.

Step 5

PVC Back Section:

Add the PVC back to the rear section of the arms. Secure the PVC back into the female fitting with 1 each of the 1" stainless steel screws.

Step 6

Swing Gate and Red Safety Strap:

Includes one parallel pole (longest) and two vertical poles. The parallel pole serves as the main swing gate. The other two serve as a pivot points for the swing gate.

1.Slide the parallel pole into the taller pivot pole. Facing the walker, insert the pivot pole into the (T) fitting on the right side. Secure the vertical pole with 1 each of the 1" stainless steel screw.

2.Facing the walker, insert the shorter pivot pole into the (T) fitting into the left side. Secure with 1 each of the 1" stainless steel screw.

The red safety strap serves as additional security for the swing gate. The red safety strap must be secured to the gate when the walker is in use.

Step 7

Safety Bolt:

The pre-assembled walker has the strap attached to the (seat) base of the walker. Unroll the strap to finish assembly and loop the strap on the swing gate. Secure the swing gate with the red safety strap by snapping it to the swing gate prior to use of the walker. Red safety strap must be on the right side of the walker.



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