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566DG Ortho-Biotic Clinical Care

Drop Arm Recliner

Operating Instructions


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Warning: Read entire sheet before assembly

Warning: Occupant weight should not

or operation.

exceed 350 lbs.

Warning: Periodically inspect all parts and replace as needed.

Warning: Do not use near open flame, as the chair may be a “combustion source”.

Warning: Casters must be locked at all times, except during transit.


Every three months:

Check and clean casters • tighten nuts • check brakes on casters •

check and clean lock recline mechanism •

Check recliner mechanism for operation in all positions with assistant seated in recliner.

For upholstery maintenance and stain removal, the following hints will be helpful:

Ordinary Dirt: Wash with warm water and a mild soap or detergent.

Stubborn Dirt: Using a soft bristle brush, follow directions above.

Ground-in Dirt: Scrub with powdered cleanser or similar detergent.

Chewing Gum: Scrape carefully; remove with kerosene or naphtha.

Nail Polish and Remover: Blot immediately to prevent damage.

Ball Point Pen: Blot immediately with a white cloth dampened in water or mineral oil.

Paint, Shoe Polish, Heel Marks: Remove immediately! Use a white cloth dampened in kerosene, naphtha or turpentine. Do not use paint remover or liquid brush cleaners.

Tars, Asphalt, Creosote: Remove to prevent staining. Clean area with kerosene or naphtha.

Caution: When using kerosene or naphtha, do so in a well ventilated area and keep away from fire and flame.

Waxing and Refinishing: Improves wearability. Use any quality paste wax.

A diluted solution of 10% (or less) of bleach or Clorox may be used when cleaning this chair.


566DG Ortho Biotic Clinical Care® Recliner Operating Instructions


Upholstered Back

Upholstered Armrest

Padded Push Handle

Upholstered Seat


Upholstered Legrest


Upholstered Footrest



Drop Arm

Front Casters

Telescoping Tubes


with Tread

Rear Swivel Locking


Casters with Tread lock


Drop Arm Pull Button

(Behind Table)


Trendelenburg Release Bar

Fold Down Side Tables

To Operate Drop Arm

To Drop Arm:

1.Lift fold down Side table away from frame to expose button.

2.Pull button out while gently pushing down on center of armrest until arm is in the full down position.

To Raise Arm:

1.Grasp armrest with one hand and pull upwards while pulling pull button out. Pull up on arm evenly until pull button locks into place.

2.Ensure arm is secure by pushing down on center of armrest.

566DG Ortho Biotic Clinical Care® Recliner Operating Instructions



1.Lift the skirt on the rear of the upholstered back, fasten skirt up with a small piece of tape to fully expose the "KD Bracket" that are to be mated to the recliner mechanism.

2.Carefully guide upholstered back onto the mechanism inserting both "bayonet links" at the same time thru cutouts in vinyl.

3.Push down on the back until the mechanism "bayonet links" are properly engaged into the

upholstered back "KD Brackets". The top of bayonet link should be even with top of KD Bracket. (See fig. 1)

4.Once back is properly seated onto mechanism insert the threaded knob thru "bayonet link", 'ED Bracket" and steel tube. Secure hand tight.

5.Remove tape lower upholstery skirt and secure to Velcro.

Upholstered Back

Upholstered Skirt

Threaded Knobs

Upholstered Back’s

KD Brackets

Steel Tube


Bayonet Links

Bracket and Link to be even

Threaded Knob thru large hole in Bayonet Link

KD Bracket

Bayonet Link


566DG Ortho Biotic Clinical Care® Recliner Operating Instructions


NOTE: This chair is equipped with four casters for improved maneuverability. The front casters are equipped with tread locks.

To Lock: Step on the back edge of the black pedal until it latches and stays down.

To Unlock: Step on the top edge of the pedal.


NOTE: The chair is equipped with four casters for improved maneuverability. Right rear caster is also equipped with locking features. Swivel lock will aid the chair in rolling straight.

Tread Lock Pedal

Figure 5

To lock swivel

To unlock wheel

To lock wheel

Lock: To prevent the rear casters from swiveling and wheel turning, step on the rear pedal of the caster until it latches.

Unlock: Step on middle button to unlatch.


To Raise: Raise table all the way up and slide in toward the armrest until tabs engage slots in mount bracket. Press down lightly on table to ensure lock tabs are engaged.


Figure 4




(Disengaged Position)


3/8 Clevis Pin




Table Mount





To Lower: Lift table up until tabs disengage slots and pull table away from armrest. Lower table to self-storing position.


To Remove: Grasp upholstered side panel at back of panel and pull sharply out from chair until locking clips release side panel.

To Install: Insert side panel into chair frame by lining up side panel clips with tubes on frame and pushing firmly.

Tabs engage into


slots on table


mount bracket

(Stored Position)

Side Panel

Drop Arm Pull Button

(Behind Table)

566DG Ortho Biotic Clinical Care® Recliner Operating Instructions



Reclining by Patient: Place hands on armrest and push body against chair's back to recline yourself to desired position. To bring yourself up, place hands on armrest and pull yourself up while leaning your body forward away from the chairs back.

Reclining by Attendant: Standing on either side of the chair, grasp the armrest with one hand and push handle with the other hand. Push back on push handle to recline and pull forward to raise the chair.

TV Position

Upright Position

Infinite Position Between TV and Full Recline


Standing on either side of the chair, grasp the armrest with one hand while holding the recliner back with the other. With your foot, push down on the release bar while gently pushing down with your hand on the recliners back until it comes to a stop. To bring chair out of Trendelenburg, stand on either side of the chair, grasp the armrest with one hand and push handle with the other hand and pull forward on the push handle.

Trendelenburg Position


566DG Ortho Biotic Clinical Care® Recliner Operating Instructions


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