JAMO 250, 550, 650, SUB-250, SUB-300, SUB-550, SUB-650 User Manual


Technical Description

Jamo SUB 250, 300, 550, 650

General Description

With this dedicated subwoofer line up from Jamo we wanted to achieve several goals.

We wanted a subwoofer line up with the best ever performance per $ and we wanted it to be able to match a variety of different speaker solutions on the market, including Jamo of course.

Making a dedicated subwoofer line up, instead of making designated subwoofers to a specific speaker series creates e few challenges.

One challenges being to create a design and performance capable of matching basically all speakers in the marketplace.

The design should be modern and “independent”, yet discreet enough to match both different speakers and different interiors.

Another challenge for the development team was to optimize every “link in the chai” to achieve the best ever performance. We wanted a subwoofer line up capable of achieving high sound pressure levels (SPL) without compromising the sound quality. It is quite easy to make a subwoofer play loud – but it is a challenge at the same time to maintain precision and musicality.

This turned out to require development of completely new drivers and new amplifiers as well as a new approach to manufacturing the cabinets, since it was clear very early in the development process that a new way of bass reflex loading (Slotted Bass reflex Port) had to be invented in order to keep the cabinets as compact as possible.

The Products

SUB 250

SUB 250 is the smallest subwoofer in the line up. But do not let this deceive you. With an long-throwing 8” subwoofer driver housed in a Slotted Bass reflex Port cabinet together with an BASH amplifier capable of delivering over 250 W peak power this subwoofer is a really strong performer capable of deliver bass down to 30 Hz (- 6dB). The SUB 250 has a very flat frequency response (see figure x) making it capable of playing bass notes in a very convincing way compared to many conventional bass reflex subwoofers. (see picture 1).

JAMO 250, 550, 650, SUB-250, SUB-300, SUB-550, SUB-650 User Manual
Picture 1

Because of the flat frequency response all the way to 150Hz, SUB 250 is the ideal match for small satellite speakers, since it allows you to integrate it seamlessly without missing the important middle bass

area. Many subwoofers fall of very drastically above 100Hz (or some even under, see picture 2) making them very hard to integrate with small speakers. Of course the SUB 250 is also well suited for use together with bookshelf or floorstanding speakers when there is a need for additional low frequency


Picture 2

SUB 300

The SUB 300 is equipped with a 10” subwoofer driver and a amplifier capable of delivering 300 W of peak power. The same Slotted Bass reflex Ported construction is

used here as in the SUB 250. But with more cabinet volume, allowing for deeper tuning, more power and a 10” driver this subwoofer is capable of reaching down to 28 Hz (- 6dB). Still with musical fidelity and a flat frequency response (see figure x). The level control is placed on the front of the subwoofer, elegantly

integrated in the design, with a soft blue light indicating the volume setting.

SUB 550

SUB 550 is the biggest subwoofer in the line up where we have incorporated the Slotted Bass reflex Port solution.

With an amplifier capable of delivering over 550W peak power housed in the biggest cabinet of the series, with the deepest tuning, this subwoofer is capable of deliver ultra realistic performance at extremely high levels and still maintain the musicality of the bass notes. The SUB 550 reaches down to impressive 26Hz.

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