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SmartStar®-PR EQ Mount


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Looking at or near the Sun will cause instant and irreversible damage to your eye.

Children should always have adult supervision while observing.

SmartStar® -PR Layout (OTA not included)


Set up the Tripod

The SmartStar®-PR comes with a two-inch stainless steel tripod.

The tripod comes fully assembled with a metal plate called the Tripod Head, which holds the legs together at the top. In addition, there is a central rod that extends down from the Tripod Head, which attaches the equatorial mount to the tripod. To set up the tripod:

1.Stand the tripod upright and pull the tripod legs apart until each leg is fully extended. After the tripod is set up you may adjust the height.

2.Loosen the Levers on the Leg Clamps so that the tripod legs can be adjusted.

3.Slide the lower part of the tripod legs out until it is at the height you want.

4.Tighten the Lever on each Leg Clamp to hold the legs in place securely.

Attach the Equatorial Mount and Accessory Tray

The SmartStar®-PR mount is a German equatorial mount that attaches to the Tripod Head. On one side of the tripod head there is a metal Alignment Peg for aligning the mount. This side of the tripod should face north when set up for an astronomical observation. To attach the Equatorial Mount Head:

1. Locate the Azimuth Adjustment Screws on the Equatorial Mount Head.

2.Retract the screws so they no longer extend into the azimuth housing on the mount. Please do not remove the screws, they are needed later for polar alignment.

3.Hold the Equatorial Mount Head over the Tripod Head so that the azimuth housing is above the metal Peg.

4.Place the equatorial mount on the Tripod Head so that the two are flush.

5.Tighten the knob (attached to the Central Rod) on the underside of the Tripod Head to hold the Equatorial Mount Head firmly in place.

6.Slide the Accessory Tray so that the tray is pushing against the inside of the tripod legs and the Central Rod goes through the tray.

7.Thread the Accessory Tray Knob on to the Central Rod and tighten.

EQ Mount Head

Since the fully assembled telescope can be quite heavy, position the mount so that the polar axis is pointing towards north before the OTA and counterweight are attached. This will make the polar alignment procedure easier.

Install the Counterweight

The telescope needs to be balanced by the Counterweight to reduce the stress on the gears and motors. To install the Counterweight bar:

1.Thread the Counterweight Bar Lock Nut onto the threaded end of the

Counterweight Bar.

2.Locate the opening in the Equatorial Mount Head on the DEC axis.

3.Thread the Counterweight Bar into the opening until it is tight.

4.Tighten the Counterweight Bar Lock Nut for extra support.

5.Once the bar is securely in place you are ready to attach the Counterweight.

6.Position the mount so that the Counterweight Bar points toward the ground.

7.Remove the Counterweight Safety Screw on the end of the Counterweight Bar

(the opposite the end that attaches to the mount).

8.Loosen the Locking Screw on the side of the counterweight.

9.Slide the Counterweight onto the shaft.

10.Tighten the Locking Screw on the side of the Counterweight to hold the Counterweight in appropriate place.

11.Put back the Counterweight Safety Screw.

Attach an OTA to the Mount

The optical tube attaches to the mount via a 1.75” Dovetail Plate. The Dovetail Plate mounts along the bottom of a telescope tube. To avoid any damage to the OTA and the mount, before you attach an optical tube, make sure that the declination and right ascension clutch knobs are tight. To mount the telescope tube:

1.Loosen the Dovetail Locks on the side of the Telescope-Mounting Platform. This allows you to slide the Dovetail Plate onto the mount.

2.Slide the Dovetail Plate on the telescope tube into the Mounting Platform of the mount.

3.Tighten the Dovetail Locks on the side of the mounting platform to hold the telescope in place. Tighten the big lock first, then the smaller one.

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